Administrivia: 27 February 2023

Okay, site update because my personal shit’s causing the need for this kind of update. I’m sure you all understand.

Friend of mine fronted me the money sufficient to get the phone bill paid, and that hit early this morning. My appointment to get my car fixed is tomorrow morning at 9am (Eastern Standard Time, if you’re curious), so I’ll be able to get up some money tomorrow. I’m thinking go south to Dublin and just make an afternoon of it — I’m anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes out depending on where I want to land. And then I’ll have the money to get this site back going if it goes out at all. I can make no promises. My hosting service is very imprecise in its choosing of due dates. It’s around the 27th-ish and that’s about the best I can do. It can go as far as two days later, I think. I’m sort of vague about it all.

The most likely glitch at this point is if I’m still charged tax for the car repair. I’m hoping not, ’cause I’m fucking tapped, and I just don’t like the way the car “feels” anymore when I’m operating it, though some of that is probably my own paranoia. But if that goes wrong, I can reschedule and I’ll just take the chance. People seem to be dragging their feet talking with me about various facets of my situation and I’m basically just winging it at this point.


Scotland news: Apparently there was this huge northern lights hoo-raw last night. I follow so many Scotland-based pages at this point that my Facebook feed was full of photos. It’s funny, because I originally started following that stuff hoping to see rare news about the big man, and then it all got interesting in its own right. I’m doing that Aspie thing of boring people to tears throwing random Scotland factoids at them, haha. (I don’t know if I actually am autistic, but it totally would not surprise me if I were on the mild end of the spectrum. Long story, not relevant here, and if any of you would be surprised either, you probably haven’t been paying attention.)

More Scotland news: There’s going to be a… coffee festival in Glasgow?

[bites back words]

[bites back more words]

I'm going to have to drink every fucking coffee on this set


…Uh. Where was I? Right.

Okay. Let’s just hang in there til I get this sorted. At this point I have evenings (thanks to curfew) and weekends (thanks to all the shit important to me fixing my life being closed) to screw around here, long as I don’t have chores to do, and I don’t tend to have a lot of those on any given day. Not by myself; there’s usually one other person to help. So I’ll have time to be here kickin’ up dickens. Whether I actually do is another matter, but we’ll see, I suppose.