Administrivia: 25 February 2023

Weird little crunch time again. I had said I wouldn’t make this about me. I am only writing this notice here because it directly affects the site.

You longtimers are likely aware that I went legally homeless on 11 January (far as I’m concerned, I’ve been actually homeless since 1 February of ’22, and some would argue it’s been since 22 September of ’21, depending on definitions), and was sleeping in my car at a couple rest areas north of town for about a month afterward. Long story short, I got into emergency shelter yesterday. If you want at least bigger pieces of that story, that’s elsewhere.

A big complicating piece of the problem is my car being ten years old and just having had the fuck driven out of it for a year, to the tune of about 25k added to its mileage in that time and no, I am not fucking kidding. I thought it just needed brake work and its fuel injection cleaned. When I got the brake work squared away, we uncovered a different problem. When I got a second opinion, that guy uncovered a second problem. Either one going kaput would make the car unsafe to impossible to drive. It’s technically unsafe to drive now.

I have funding cleared for the repair thanks to my former military service. If that is a non-sequitur to some of you folks, that’s the United States for you. I am not complaining, believe me. But my ability to earn has been absolutely fucked until the car is fixed.

Car’s repair happens this coming Tuesday.

Phone bill comes due Monday.

No phone, no delivery work. Which I could resume immediately upon completion of my repairs.

No delivery work, no paying for my website hosting for the month.

OH, RIGHT. There we go. Got there at last. Sorry.

Now. There’s a grace period. I don’t know how long, but I’ve been late before and it wasn’t the end of the world. It may also be that my card won’t be (attempted) charged on Monday. It may wait until Tuesday or Wednesday. I love my hosting service except for this one thing. They even try charging my card early. Highly irritating.

But we’ll sort it. They are very good about getting back online almost immediately once I square things up.

So if this goes dark, hang in there. I didn’t quit. Life just hiccuped.

You know. The usual around here.

I did get my phone bill probably sorted. It’ll depend on if the phone provider tacks on a couple extra bucks to my bill. They do that now and again. But, failing that, I can’t see it being dark around here past Tuesday night Eastern (US) standard time. Just FYI.

Okay. Carry on with thine shenanigans. Or whatever. Yarp.