Administrivia: 25 August 2022

[peeks in]

Oh, hey. If you have not seen a lot of Rory McCann’s back library, I have good news for you: two of his films are on Tubi at the moment. Solomon Kane and the remake of Clash of the Titans.

I will have to warn you that you don’t see Rory until well into SK, and Rory’s in probably less than the first hour of CotT.

The good news is that in one of these two films, his character does not die. 🙄


Still alive, clearly. Things have shifted a little bit again, possibly in a good direction but I have no way of knowing and I count on nothing. I have not sold off my Rory fandom collection, so you know it isn’t hopeless yet. 🙄

Gonna go chase my eyeballs down now before they get dusty. See you later.