Administrivia: 24 April 2022

So, it’s that time of year again…

I wonder if Rory took part in the Glasgow Kiltwalk today. Possibly not, may have been too people-y or might have clashed with other plans, but seeing that the shorter version also happening today started at Loch Lomond, and I know he hangs out there, it made me think of him.

And none of us fangirls need telt which tartan he’d have been wearing…

My creativity is tapped lately so I’ve made no new memes or anything, not that I’ve ever been a big meme-maker in the first place. I’m sure you can find them all over Instagram today and some will be downright lovely. But I thought I’d do a bit of an image dump. I still have my old screencaps from the Instagram days. Forgive me, as I haven’t cropped them all.

Rory McCann in indie short Jack 'n' Jill
Jack in indie short Jack ‘n’ Jill
Rory McCann in Coming Soon
Angus in Coming Soon
Rory McCann in The Book Group
Kenny McLeod in The Book Group
Rory McCann in Alexander
Craterus in Alexander
Rory McCann in Beowulf and Grendel
Breca in Beowulf and Grendel
Rory McCann in Sixty-Six
Annoyed Scottish cop in Sixty-Six
Rory McCann in Hot Fuzz
Michael “Lurch” Armstrong in Hot Fuzz
Rory McCann in The Crew
Moby in The Crew
Rory McCann in Game of Thrones
…If you need me to tell you who this character is, go soak your head
Rory McCann in Slow West
John Ross in Slow West
Rory McCann in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage
Tennyson Torch in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage
Rory McCann in Jumanji: The Next Level
Jurgen the Brutal in Jumanji: The Next Level
Rory McCann in The Irregulars
Arthur “Bird Man” Hilton in The Irregulars

…And I hope to capture many, many more.

Happy Burfday, big man. 💙🤍💚