Administrivia: 23 June 2021

So, after the air conditioning problems I mentioned on the 14th, that got resolved on the 15th, and much more cheaply than it could have been done. That said, we started having refrigerator problems around the same time and had to actually call in expert help to see what was going on. This fridge is at least thirty years old and probably, to be frank, more around forty to forty-five. I’m really not sure, but somewhere around there. I opined that it would really suck if the part we needed to fix the problem was no longer being made, to which House Male tried to reassure me that every fridge-maker has interchangeable parts for all their models so it likely wouldn’t be an issue. Guess who was right. Not House Male. So we’re going to have to replace it, and payday’s Friday and it only happens once a month. We did get the fridge back up and running, but with lots of paranoia involved because honestly it could go again at any time. It can’t properly defrost itself anymore because the heater died. Yes, there is a part in a fridge called a heater. Oh, the irony.

So, that’s been my month. How’s yours been?

Oh. Right. I don’t take comments here.


Other drama has been going on and I have already been moving in a must-improve-my-life direction generally in the past year and a half — when I had the energy and sufficient lack of depression to do so, which means progress has been spotty. But it’s been lots better lately. It is amazing how anger can inspire you.

I wish I’d been angry the whole year and a half. I dropped nearly everything. I knit and crochet, but haven’t finished more than maybe two or three dragon-egg bags, and those are kind of no-brainers once you figure out what you’re doing, and small besides. Haven’t been seriously drawing at all. I was working on one of the big man, too, and it had actually been coming out quite nice, but I’ve lost all momentum and will probably shitcan it and start over. When, I have no idea. I still have things lined up to sew, haven’t started them. The kitchen looks a lot nicer than it has in years, however, and my room’s a lot more usable than it was a year and a half ago. It could always be worse.

I’m more than a little afraid it’s about to get worse, because House Male has been extraordinarily stupid and selfish, even for him, over the last few months and that came out of nowhere, so who knows what else is coming up. If I go completely silent for more than a month, shit probably went down. I’ll get back here when I can, if it does. I make no promises as to how much of the situation I will discuss here, because it really is off-topic.

Speaking of the topic. I don’t really have anything new, but I will say Screen Rant is reporting that Kevin Hart is claiming that there will definitely be a next Jumanji movie. Given what happened with the previous one, I will be very surprised if Rory doesn’t turn up in it. I can’t explain why without spoiling it, and surely some of you weren’t around for when I posted screencaps on Instagram for that, so there you go. You can still watch the third one. And it is the third one. The only reason I hadn’t watched the new movies earlier than I got around to doing was I thought they were a reboot of the franchise, which really irritated me. But no, they are a continuation of the story and, for the genre and everything, quite lovely in their way. You’ll see what I mean if you saw the first one and then watch these.

I am not aware of anything else the big man might have coming up. I don’t have the Instagram grapevine anymore. It is one of the few things I miss from IG, and sometimes I contemplate adding a page with an email form here as a substitute for it, but I haven’t quite gotten to that level of masochism yet.

Okay. Still doing the 10pm to 6am sleep thing… kind of badly. It’s around midnight now. I need to bail. ‘Later.