Administrivia: 23 July 2022

…Oh, all right, I guess I’ll put my two cents in on this fucking fad.

We’ll completely ignore that I’m old enough to remember where these characters came from.

Little Miss Rory McCann Fangirl

That IG handle will take you to the creator of some of the more widespread Little Miss and Mr. Men memes, though the franchise isn’t her intellectual property. I mean… it’s memes. Whatever.

If you click on the image here, it’ll open the full-sized file in a new tab. Yes, you can use it. Don’t take the stuff off the bottom. I know this site could be better, but I still like to get my visitors, as anybody would.

When I saw there was a star-shaped Little Miss (I remember the storybooks, but not every single character), I knew I had to use that one. Fangirl. Actor. Star. Geddit? heh heh heh


I still have a few memes around here that I made about the big man. I’ve shared at least a couple here in this incarnation of the blog. Maybe I should do a roundup soon. Maybe like five of you will ever see it.


I took a mental-health day and really hoped I’d be farther along with stuff and nonsense than I actually am, but it turns out taking a mental-health day includes not fucking acting like an adult one single fucking iota, and that’s just going to have to be okay. I went out and got food and laundry supplies. That was basically it.

I’m waiting to hear back about a new temp gig thing that opened up. I’m hoping to get news of that on Monday maybe. I’d like to apply for a couple of normal jobs before I turn in, as well — it’s half an hour past midnight right now and I’ll be surprised if I’m in bed before 3am.

Am thinking about trying to draw something again. My setup is not great. I have this dinky round table and let me tell you, I hate round tables. About the only place they work is in Arthurian legend; everywhere else they use space inefficiently. Best you can say about them is you’ll never bump your ass on a corner and leave a bruise. Watch where you’re walking and you usually won’t have that problem. Anyway I use my laptop to hold the source photo if I’m drawing from a photo so I need to clear off the stupid table soon so that I can even try that and it’s still going to be a close fit, unfortunately.

What would I draw? Probably Rory. The Hound? Dunno. Already did that once.

Hound drawing

But I wasn’t totally happy with it (this even after redrawing his face) so I wanted to do it again. So it could be this image again. I don’t know yet.

Normally I grid when I’m going for realism. I didn’t do that with this drawing, I just sort of eyeballed things. I have to say I didn’t do half bad considering I was winging it, I’m just… not happy enough. This is actually pretty normal among People Who Make Things, though. I had friends back in high-school art class who would turn out something amazing and I’d be like “wah, you are better than me” and they’d be like “see, this spot is where I erased too hard, and this bit over here is half an inch too long” and they could see it and I couldn’t. We’re like that.

If you want to see what it looks like when I grid, here you go:

Rory drawing in progress

Now. About this drawing. Let me tell you about this fucking drawing. I attempted this drawing THREE FUCKING TIMES. Not once did I finish. Not even once. I am not precisely sure what was going on there, but it was like I hit this huge artist’s block or something (inasmuch as I would call myself an artist, and jury’s still out on that one, far as I’m concerned — feels a bit more like being a human Xerox machine, not very creative really) and just couldn’t continue. I don’t even have any of the three attempts in progress. I trashed them.

I actually want to go back, finish this image, and then do the one that goes with it where he’s got his hand halfway to his face and is looking surprised (one person who saw the photo said he looked like he was about to sneeze, I think it looks like he’s clowning) so it’s a two-drawing grouping. But as I can’t even finish the one, we’re not even gonna consider the other.

I have one other pic of him that’s finished but I wasn’t happy with it either. There seems to be a common theme going on here. I won’t show you that one. (It’s not perverted or anything, I just don’t like it much.)

Anyway. And now I have worked out how to grid in such a way that I have no lines to erase. I like it a lot better. I didn’t finish the pic I first did with this technique either, but by that time I was at Dad’s last fall and honestly, I wasn’t in a good headspace, plus any time people around me in meatspace see me draw, they start asking me to do things for them which just throws me completely off my feed. (Because I’m slow and then I have to contend with “when are you gonna get this done” and then being underpaid for it which just takes all the fun completely out of it. Pass.) So eventually I gave up. That’s now been trashed too. But here it was in progress.

guess which movie *this* was from

I really like that image of him (no doubt most of you know what it was), so I’ll probably try that one again too. I would also like to get him in his Greek getup for Alexander, however. He was SO PRETTY in that. In, y’know, a rugged, manly sort of way.

Sorry, Rory. Can’t help it.

Lil’ Miss Fangirl, that’s me. Mwah.