Administrivia: 23 April 2024

Yep, this was down yesterday.

Yep, now it’s back up.

What happened was I thought I had originally bought the domain on the 23rd five years ago. So I let my misremembering override my looking at the actual evidence; Hosting Service did email me ahead of time and I didn’t even look at the date it said. My bad. Sorted now.

I actually would have had it done on time, but Walgreens, Chime, or both have this policy that you can’t load less than $20 on your Chime account at a go and I needed to load $9. First I’ve heard of this. To say I was unhappy is an understatement.

In other news, I do believe the big man’s set a personal record for social-media participation: two posts in seven or eight days! AND replied to a comment Cary Elwes left, and I’m a Princess Bride fan from way back so my inner fangirl was bouncing madly in her seat. It doesn’t take much these days, I guess.

(If you didn’t know, Elwes is in the Knuckles show too.)

I have to say I’ve been kicking around a birthday idea for Rory for years but it isn’t going to happen this time. It may never. There are matters I need to investigate and skills I need to acquire and I don’t know if I will, especially with my internet situation being generally shit now. But I do like the idea. We’ll see.

I did send him a card a couple years in a row, but then life got crazy. Given what I know of his life situation now, likely I won’t do it again. I don’t know. I’ll keep an open mind and see what happens. It is not like his emotional health hinges on me sending him things. Haha.