Administrivia: 22 October 2022

Hi y’all.

I made all that racket about working on the site, and I did a very very little bit but didn’t get around to what all I wanted to do. I will not give a timetable because my brain is doing weird shit this week, but the IDEA is I will work on it some more. I am feeling very out of sorts psychologically (sometimes also physically, but nothing really serious), so my attention just basically goes where it wants to go and does what it wants to do. Stupid brain.

Just FYI. I try to mention something about the site itself in each of these posts so this isn’t all just me, me, me. I know I’m annoying.

Speaking of, I meant to mention this yesterday after I got the news, and I didn’t. My bad. I have an interview coming up Tuesday. An actual, honest-to-fuck, real live interview. I go to the workplace to talk to people and everything. I am just as amazed as you are. In terms of what the business does, you know those companies that sell nut and chocolate snack boxes for Christmas time? Sometimes other things like dried fruit and sausages? Bit like that, except one of their specialties is nut butter, but they sell those sorts of food-based gift sets. Anyway I’m supposed to be contract until just before Christmas helping them assemble that stuff. Pretty exciting. No, really, it is. First thing I thought was “Oh wow, how funny, because I’d love to have a gift retail or crafting retail business of some sort but I have no fucking idea how any of that works.” I have zero desire to sell what these guys sell on my own but I’m more than happy to help someone else do it, and I feel like I’d learn a lot in two months, too. And I could add food handling to my résumé (CV). I’m sure my agency rep thought I was mental getting excited about it, but of course she wasn’t privy to that whole thought process. Bless her heart. (She doesn’t know about my general situation, either. Some odd instinct keeps telling me that would be the kiss of death.)

I don’t actually believe I’ll get the job, but I am more than happy to show up and try. I won’t need to fake the happy, either.

I am willing to risk my brake for that, but otherwise I have not been driving except to venture out for necessities. On top of the fucked brake pads on the one wheel, I have to go out to the parking lot and check my tires tomorrow because something’s up with one or more of them again; it’s probably the seasonal temperature change. Not an unusual experience by any stretch; the absolute worst time to go to one of those free tire pumps you find at some gas stations is when it’s turned cold. A whole-ass line forms, and you wait a while. Anyway, as long as that’s all it is and I don’t have something in a tire again — but even with that it’s about twenty bucks to fix. Not ideal but is doable.

Hopefully I’ll finally get that fucking back axle (both wheels’ brakes) done this coming week too. Hey, you never know. I might get it fixed and also find out I have a job ON THE SAME DAY. 😲

Exciting times. Trying not to be too excited though. My face be all like this:

…Minus the facial hair. (I shave it off.)

Okay, outies. Let me see what I can get up to before I give it up for a bad job and go to bed.