Administrivia: 22 January 2024

Jackdaw is due to premiere in two days.


Just checking in. Not a lot going on. I know that at some point, which was probably before my previous post here, Rory posted on his Instagram again but you know how he is. Lucky to see one post a month from Mr. Bashful. It’s okay, just, that’s been it on news really.

Even my Google Alerts are the usual “omg some website we’ve never heard of has mentioned that Rory was in Game of Thrones!”. Although I did get this piece yesterday. I don’t know why the Google Alerts summary included the Rory McCann name. Niall has a brother, and he may have been mentioned by name in a previous version of the article (he isn’t in the version I saw). That’s all I can think of. But I am posting the link here because the whole context of a mountain accident and partial paralysis was really weird. Like somewhere in between Rory’s experience and the experience of his The Book Group character Kenny McLeod. Niall can still stand and walk.

Reality is so often stranger than fiction.

Oh, and Burns Night is coming up in two days and isn’t that another funny coincidence. Our favorite Scot getting a film premiere on Burns Night.

I wonder if he likes haggis.

[edit] I was mistaken! Burns Night is the 25th (I’m writing this additional note on the day, in fact). Y’all are lucky I still walk upright. Being off by one day is nothing. Hahaha