Administrivia: 21 April 2023

You will be pleased to know that we will not be having the “I don’t know if the site will still be up by the end of today” drama that we’ve had every other fucking year at around this time. Paid for the domain name last night. Good for another year.

This is not to say I couldn’t still run into trouble with the hosting service later this month, but I’ve got six days to square that away and it’s only a little more than the domain name was. It’ll probably be all right. No worries.

I’m painfully aware, because people are assholes and people on social media about 1000x as much so, that folks may be wondering why I’d pay thirty a month for web hosting when I have this homelessness bullshit going on. My reason is simply this: I have had to let go of too much already. I am not paying for Netflix. (One of the first things my daughter’s dad did when I left was kick me off his. Class act, that one.) I am not paying for Hulu or any of the other streaming services. Not paying for Amazon Prime. (He has not, however, kicked me off of that one — I think he’s forgotten I’m on it. Doesn’t cost him extra, so I’ve kept my mouth shut and his address on my address book.) I’m bare bones right now. This is the one silly splurge I have, and frankly it isn’t even all that silly. An email address I use frequently and have had for more than twenty years is hosted on the service. I’d have to give it up. My home page, this site, and a few other things I do, I’d have to lose all of those too. I don’t want to do that. I don’t care if it makes sense. So whatever people think about it is none of my business and is irrelevant. If I run into so much trouble that I cannot even spare thirty a MONTH, we’re not talking daily, I suppose I’ll drop it then. But I’m so near the finish line, when things might actually improve [knocks on head], that I’m not willing to give up on this just yet.

Also, this is the first hosting service I’ve had where they didn’t start malfunctioning after five years. They’re competent. I think I’ll keep ’em. I don’t even get a lot of junk mail.

Anyway, $30 x 12 is $360 and I couldn’t even get a weekly room with that right now. Much less a serious car repair.

So that’s why.

And I’m not fucking being homeless for twelve fucking months. I’ll pretend to be in love with some guy first. I’ve fucking had it.

No seriously though, it won’t go that far. I plan to kiss plentiful ass when I start working and we’re gonna hang on to that situation. I would be insane not to. It’s warehouse-level pay but I won’t be IN a warehouse. I’m going to use the time I’m there to get my proofreading course done and that business going, and then look around some more because there’s this thing I want to do here locally but I have to figure out how to do it. It may even [gasp] require me to visit Scotland from time to time. OH NOES

More on that later. Probably on my own site. I talk about myself here too much already.

Speaking of which. Things to do. Talk atcha later.