Administrivia: 20 November 2022

I just had one of those moments where I thought, I bet I know where Rory McCann will be in the next few days, but then gave it a think and decided not to elaborate because probably he wouldn’t want people accosting him left and right while he’s there. Just… unless he is really, really busy with work and unless work is too far away from this thing, I have a feeling, is all. If I were in Scotland I’d go to this thing just to see if I’m right. I probably would have fun, too, even if I wasn’t right.

I’m being so vaaaaague! Wah!

But yes, Rory. If I were a betting woman, I’d be bettin’. Enjoy yersel’.


So, a lot of you have undoubtedly seen this video.

Those of you who haven’t, this is Rory’s old band Thundersoup and he was one of the frontmen (lead vocalists). That’s Rory there in the striped furry suit and orange wig. If you watch the video you see him headbang said wig right off and if you’re familiar with his pre-balding hairline it’s pretty much a dead giveaway. If the video were sharper quality you’d get to see his smile to boot.

About 3:10 into it you start hearing him singing lead; before then he’s more backup and playing harmonica*. There are not enough videos of Rory singing out there in the world, in my not-so-humble.

What is also interesting about this video is that it happened the year of Rory’s fall in Yorkshire. It is a pretty fair bet that as he’s headbanging early in the video and one of the injuries he racked up in the fall was a good knock to the noggin, it probably hadn’t happened yet by the time this show occurred.

He doesn’t talk much about the aftereffects of the accident except for the way it informed his later acting career; it was the basis for Kenny McLeod’s story in The Book Group. But I’ve seen a photo of him at a certain angle that makes me wonder how bad that hit to the head was, and I’m sure he feels the old breaks when the weather changes. I cannot believe he drove himself to the hospital that day. My ass would have been passed out there on that ground and I’d be traumatized for life. Mad props, my dude. You are one tough fucker.

(And fucking cute.)

(I said that out loud, didn’t I.)


Same old mess here as always. I’m battling anxiety on top of everything else and battling stupidity from other people, most notably the ex. Also it’s started getting cold here; I just had to contend with snow for the first time since last winter. That said, I’d always been a bit rough around the edges as a driver thanks to usually being too broke to own a car — not bad enough to rack up violations, my record’s been clean for more than 20 years (and I only had a speeding ticket and an expired-plate citation before that, both sorted), but my technique was lacking — and having to drive to keep a roof over my head has done wonders to improve me. So while my life’s still entirely in fate’s hands out there because I can’t control other drivers, random deer running across the road, etc., I seem to be sorting out the driving in bad weather thing.

I can’t promise I’d be any fucking good driving in, say, Great Britain, and I’d have to rent an automatic if I ever went there (I do sometimes contemplate going to driving school to learn standard shift**), but here in the States with our anal-retentive traffic laws I do all right. Eh. [shrug]

*I will hazard a guess that Rory has long experience with harmonica, possibly second only to piano. Just a feeling. He used to show off with it in convention Q&As and, well, there’s this from Norway in 2019:

**I have had three different people try to teach me over the years. Two flew off the handle in the first five minutes and didn’t want to teach me anymore; the third was much more successful but we didn’t have enough time to practice and really cement it for me before the car owner came back from participating in the U.S. invasion of Haiti. By I’m sure complete coincidence, the two impatient would-be instructors were men and the effective one was not. My dudes, look at the insurance actuarial tables for automobiles and look at the accident statistics and go take a nap. There ya go.