Administrivia: 20 April 2023

After writing the previous post, I’ve gotten more alerts about Rory’s new role and taken a closer look and now I feel silly. Apparently the show is going to be largely live-action? Well, they’ll still have to CGI Sonic and the gang, unless they’ve found an actual human-sized blue hedgehog who breaks the sound barrier AND can act. So really the only question remaining is: Will Rory be a CGI character, or will he be in the show as a human character? Given his track record of voice work over the past several years, my vote’s with “CGI character,” and so my point about him doing cartoon voices possibly still stands. But I guess we’ll see, won’t we.

I can’t see entertainment media keeping their mouths shut if his character’s announced before the episode or episodes, anyway. But it’s just a guest spot in the first place.

Meanwhile, still no word about the DCI Daley series. I had heard it was a miniseries so possibly, that might be why. As with filming a movie, they’d want to get the whole thing wrapped up before they really issued a lot of news about it. Trying to avoid spoilers, I imagine. No one’s said it’s been called off or that Rory has bowed out (or been fired; highly unlikely, or he’d have had a track record of it already, but there was only the one time with Willow years ago, and for a relatively minor offense), so I figure no news is good news.

(If you don’t know the Willow story, I’m not doing my fucking job, I guess. This was for the original film. Rory got fired as an extra for laughing during takes. My big dream where Ron Howard is concerned is to raise my hand during a convention Q&A and ask him if he remembers the tall Scottish guy he fired, and what went through his head seeing the same tall Scottish guy in Game of Thrones. Now, I don’t think Howard ever turns up at conventions. But if he did. Good times.)

Really not much other news that would be of interest here. I’ve had some health concerns that have left me kind of in a state of half-unreality and so I’ve been kind of treading water because I don’t have the spoons to get anything else done. I need to pay for the domain name on this site very soon now. That won’t be a problem. If it is a problem, I will make it not a problem. So there.