Administrivia: 19 March 2022

So, I was on YouTube the other night after a long day to wind down, and it occurred to me to look this up, and here ’tis.

“Wait,” you’re saying, “is that the song Rory was singing in his on-set trailer?” Yes, grasshopper. He had his own spin on it, but it’s the same song.

I have never remarked on the specific nature of this specific song, whether Rory was singing it on a lark (ha ha) or whether there was some deeper meaning, considering the man’s legendary for being a long-term bachelor and all. Who knows. I don’t. It’s interesting to think about. Rather be going “hm, that’s strange” than feeling sorry for him, anyway. If he could go that many years without someone, assuming that’s not all just what he’s letting fans believe about him, he’s probably mostly okay.

I also heard that Rory is getting to be in season two of his latest voice project, The Legend of Vox Machina. I am really jazzed that he gets such regular work now. I bet he is too, after all those lean years.

At this point I can seriously relate…

Stuff is still really unsettled around here. The latest iteration of my woes is the car now shakes slightly when I’m parked with it running. There are several reasons it could be happening but, based on consulting Google and on other automotive symptoms I’ve also noticed over the same timeframe, I suspect the transmission mounts may be wearing out. (I am no mechanic, nowhere near it, but I can feel when the automatic gear-shifting’s off, and it kind of is.) The car’s nine years old. It’s in the right age range for that stuff to start kicking off, and I’ve been driving over lots and lots of bumps and potholes lately too (the transmission and engine mounts are sort of like buffers to prevent vibration damage to those parts). Fortunately, if the figures I dug up on Google are right, it won’t be way out of my price range to get it fixed. But I’m basically living just past hand to mouth right now and if I lose the car things are really going to go to shit. Either I’ll be homeless or I’ll wish I were dead, and I’m not actually sure which would be worse.

You will notice I’m not posting a GoFundMe or any nonsense like that. I still have some help. Also technically it’s still Ex-House-Male’s car and he knows damn well that if we can’t keep it running until he can fob it off on me mid-year, could be I’ll be stuck in his damn house again. It’s that or he explains to our kid that her mother’s homeless. He doesn’t want any of that. I don’t want any of that. I’d love to have my kid live with me, but I do not want to live with her dad. So we’ll do what we need to do, and serve him right for running me off just so he could get sexy funtimes with the damn blonde. But NEVER MIND. Car. We’ll deal.

Also I have one semi-definite job lead this upcoming week and a couple of strong possibilities. After my previous disappointments I’m trying not to get my hopes up too far. We will see how the flexible job app thing works out. Last time I tried a flexible temp job app I went through the onboarding and the rep was supposed to book me after the in-person meeting and… didn’t. Then the app wouldn’t let me book. Then it started telling me to do orientation again. Then I started getting text messages that I needed to schedule a virtual interview. Again. All these things I had done already and in fact had messaged them numerous times and even phoned once asking WTF was going on. No, we’ve got to play games. I hope that doesn’t happen again. As it is it’ll be on the lower end of the pay I need to be able to move where I want to move, and it’s not even a high-end apartment, but I’ve lived there before, I liked it there, it’s across from my favorite city library, and it’d be convenient to my kiddo if she wants to come over. I need to get the hell out of Whitehall. It’s fucking depressing here, and my room’s too damn expensive.

(And if the car dies AFTER I’m in the apartment I’ll have lots more options because there are lots of potential workplaces within walking and bus-ride distance. Right now it’s drive everywhere or die. Nah.)

You’re not gonna believe this, though, but… I had been physically feeling crappy for a while, but now I am feeling better. I’m still worried about a few issues, but overall I’ve much improved. And considering my situation, my mental health isn’t doing half badly.

Oh, and if you have to drive for a delivery app full-time? Uber Eats. Not fucking kidding. I did DoorDash for a while, and… well… that is way outside the scope of this blog, and I’m already babbling. I’ve got some stories though. Hoo boy. One thing, though, American readers: Please always tip your driver, even if they were weird and you only tip a dollar. (Unless they were horrible… then I completely understand if you don’t.) Trust me, the tip-free jobs can be as low as $2 a pop for the driver and if you’re driving twenty minutes across town you’re barely breaking even. Right now Uber’s paying us a little extra to make up for some of the gas (petrol) cost increase, but that only goes so far.

And if you live in a building that locks at night, go out and get you some McDonald’s. Or wait at the lobby doors. Damn.

Okay. I’ve got to get to bed soon. I took a day off today because I had stuff going on very not conducive to driving (not just the car issues… and I hate that I still have to drive the damn thing when really it needs to be at a mechanic’s) but I’ll need to try and make up some of the time tomorrow. Wish me luck.