Administrivia: 19 July 2022

I seem to be dealing with my financial situation a bit better. I had set my sights too high trying to cope with it previously, I think, and that was causing extra stress. So I lowered my standards a little and now it’s like things got easy. [knocks on head] On top of all that I have an onboarding tomorrow with a temp agency that’s found me work before, though the employer was an ass and dropped all our hours. I have temped for that employer before and this is textbook for them, which is a shame because I enjoyed the first job I had with them, but never mind. I don’t know who the current employer is, I just know it’s near me and I’m pretty sure it’s morning hours only. I am not what you’d call a morning person, but 9am isn’t bad, and I’ll have time to do other stuff the rest of the day. I also get to miss most of the morning traffic, which is extra cool. And it’s gig temping, which means I pick which days I work, which is good for all sorts of reasons. If I can keep this for a while it’s around $16 an hour and I would still drive to earn at least $50 a day on top of that, so I should be able to get some of my financials sorted for the short term. Some good thoughts my way would be appreciated. Thank you.

Speaking of knocking on one’s head. Funny Rory story there. Here in the States, we say “knock on wood” for luck. One day it occurred to me to knock on my head when I said that, because I am all about the self-deprecating humor, and I’ve been doing it ever since, for well over a decade and a half now, at least. Well, a few years back I was watching that three-parter of Rory doing a live Q&A in Glasgow, and he was chattering on about something and then goes, “touch wood,” and KNOCKS ON HIS HEAD. “Touch wood” is how UK people say “knock on wood.” Same usage. All this time I have never run across anyone who did my knocking-on-head thing, and that includes people who’ve seen me do it — they never picked it up from me. But Rory does it. So I’m sitting there pointing at the screen, eyes bugged out, jaw dropped to the fucking floor, “OH MY GOD, HE DOES IT TOO!” It was pathetic. Hahaha.

I’ve been thinking about him a good bit lately with the heat wave going on in the UK. By U.S. standards it’s not so bad in Scotland, where the temps are apparently running in the 80s Fahrenheit, but down in London I think they’ve broken the 100-degree barrier. I remember Rory talking about how when he auditioned for Game of Thrones in London, it was hot and he was very grumpy, even before he figured out his sister printed him off the wrong audition speech, which tells me he’s no great fan of hot weather. Warm, sure — I mean, he’s been seen in Portugal, which seems to be a favored vacation spot for Scots — but I think if he had to be in London right now he’d melt into a puddle of rage. Poor guy. So I wonder if he’s escaped to the Highlands for a bit of camping to get away from it all. That seems to be the one spot on all of Great Britain (the island) where the climate’s actually reasonable. And it’s probably still unseasonably warm there.

Okay, got stuff to do and it’s a bit later than I wanted already. See ya.