Administrivia: 18 September 2022

I haven’t had a fever since Wednesday the 14th, so yesterday was my first day back at delivering, though I masked up (KN95) when outside my car and covered my deliveries with a blanket when in it. Am pleased with how things went. Will repeat the way I did it later today (it’s almost 1am). I even got laundry done when I was done delivering because the laundromat next door to my daughter’s old martial-arts school is open 24 hours a day and is on the way back to my room from Dublin so it was the one place I knew I could go that wouldn’t be scary. Or not very scary, anyway — there’s a bar nearby that’s open late. Nothing happened though. It was nice and quiet.

It’s been almost a year since I pulled up stakes. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never second-guessed myself in the past year, and stupid hurtful shit is still going on, but the way I physically feel now versus a year ago is what I would call massive improvement and I literally got COVID a week ago. That’s sad, is what that is.

I got this Google alert and clicked on it after I got back here to see what it was about and, well, it’s some clickbait site, not even a proper blog, announcing Game of Thrones season nine.



Seriously though, if you read the actual text of the post it’s basically the same few phrases about who was in the show and who made it, copied and pasted over and over again. That’s why it triggered my Rory search — he’s one of the actors it mentions.

Just when I think I’ve really let this site suck, someone hands me a present like this.

Thanks, Whoever You Are. Also, set your website on fire and never speak of it again.