Administrivia: 18 February 2023




Look what I found on YOUTUBE.

Apparently it’s free? I don’t know WTF the uploader did to get away with this but if you have never seen the entirety of The Crew, HERE YOU GO for as long as it’s up.

And for the record, you can still get this on DVD. So if you’ve never seen it but want to see it before you buy, go ahead, I guess.

Word of warning. Many of you have seen the infamous brothel scene. That’s not the only time Moby (Rory McCann’s character) gets naughty. In fact, Moby’s first full scene in this is… memorable. Do not watch this at work or with children or oversensitive people in the room. You have been warned.

I’m not kidding.


Holy cow.

There’s a reason most of Moby’s scenes never made it to YouTube. Heh heh heh.


I am reveling in Not Having To Do Anything this weekend. What a strange feeling, so soon forgotten. I will probably do some more uploading of header images today and, if feeling particularly ambitious, may edit a few other pages too. Long overdue. But “if” is a big word for being only two letters long, so we’ll see.

[edit] If I had just expanded the description on that YouTube upload, OP says it’s legally licensed. It’s been there since last year, so probably. Nevertheless, see it soon in case something weird happens.

[edit again] Aw, they fucking censored it. HAHAHAHAHA All you get to see of Moby’s first scene is him slapping a pillow over the family jewels. Pout.