Administrivia: 17 September 2021

Checking in with an update. I’m still in Ohio. The reason I’m still in Ohio is I’ve lived here for most of twenty years and I have a lot of (mostly material) crap to deal with — surprisingly, getting rid of a lot of things. I also need to transfer some things and close some other things. It all takes time. For instance, I’ll have to close my credit union account since credit union membership is usually LOCAL, so even though I would still have access to internet banking from down South, I wouldn’t fit the criteria to be a member anymore. But I found this entirely “virtual” bank setup with an app for my phone that’ll suit my purposes til I can find another brick-and-mortar, and the card just arrived yesterday evening. Wasn’t going to close the CU account until then, and now I can. And having the debit card means I can also get even more stuff done.

Guesstimate is that I’ll leave Monday or Tuesday, probably late in the day just after rush hour to drive all night. Reason: It’s a fifteen-hour trip and I don’t want to drive all day only to get to Dad’s at like 11pm when I know he’s often in bed by 7pm. (He turns seventy this year. Older people have weird sleep cycles.) I can stay up all night easy if I get ready ahead of time. I have a few days to do that. I am absolutely certain I will be out of here by the 22nd, because something unpleasant is going to happen that day and I have determined I will not still be here in town when it does. I am done being put into humiliating situations, and I’m pretty sure I surprised the person who was about to put me into one. Again. Or he’s putting on a very good act, we’ll put it that way.

But I have to get up at a reasonable hour for a couple things later today (I’m up late, not up early), so I’m off to bed in a few. I’ll start in with the night-owl shit soon.

This will be me when I finally get to the other end next week:

iz ded

Fifteen hours on the interstate powered by caffeine and sheer bitchery. And then… boom. Stah cruisah KRESH! I am not used to these huge road trips anymore…