Administrivia: 17 March 2021

Changing the front-page pic late. Sorry about that.

It is St. Patrick’s Day in the United States — and, I guess, in Ireland, where their celebrations of same are, I hear, a bit more subdued. I haven’t lived someplace where they have huge celebrations since 1997. Savannah, Georgia. Never got to take part in the partying anyway, damn me. There’s a bit of an Irish-American community where I live now also, but they’re a bit more up their own asses (relatively wealthy town) so I’ve never heard much about a 17 March party scene here. Just as well, I suppose.

I’m excited. Vaccine rollout for 40 and up where I live starts on Friday. I don’t know when I’ll actually be able to get in for my first (only, if Johnson & Johnson) shot, but I won’t have to wait til June as I had previously feared, either. Later this month they’ll expand it more to 16 and up, which means it’s my kid’s turn, and she’s excited too. I never thought we’d be actively happy about vaccines around here. Up til now they were just a necessary annoyance. I barely bothered with flu shots most years, even. Ironic that I finally got back into the habit RIGHT before the outbreak. Oh well.

Also excited that this time I got included in the COVID stimulus bill. That’s a first. There are things I need to catch up with but I’m sort of sitting on most of it too terrified to make any decisions, ha-ha. I have a few ideas. We’ll see.

But we’re not here to talk about me. This is more an “I’m not dead” post, though, as I sometimes do. The one new thing I can say about Rory is that apparently there really will be another Jumanji film and, as Jurgen the Brutal is a player character and they haven’t figured out who’s playing him yet, Rory will likely be back for this next installment. With two lives remaining in the game, natch. That should be entertaining. Do you think they’ll film in Georgia again? Oh, god, and this time we won’t have that caterer to open her big mouth and announce about running into him on set. DAMN it. I could have taken a road trip. I have all the fucking luck.

(Just as well. I have a face to frighten small children, and probably grown men too.)

Still have seen no breaking legit news about Rory’s “wife.” I still say it’s beyond weird for a guy who didn’t mind mentioning his last known girlfriend and didn’t mind mentioning being single and looking to suddenly mind mentioning a change in marital status. Admittedly, no one’s been trying very hard to interview him in-depth since the end of Thrones as far as I can tell. If he is married, that’s likely why we’ve heard nothing. He’s not the sort to schedule a press conference to announce something like that, and as far as I know he doesn’t have any sort of publicity agent to put that news out like some of the Hollywood names seem to have. But if he’s in something notable enough, I’m sure some outlet will go after him and play catch-up. Given that “long-term bachelor” has been part of his public identity for so long and all, it’ll probably come out then.

Yes, the social-media stuff is gone. It’s actually kind of a relief. I can’t say my life is stress-free — whose life is? — but on average it feels like my blood pressure’s in a much saner range. You folks are always welcome to come by and see what’s new, of course. I won’t have it out before someone like Hound’s Lair most of the time, but that’s okay. I’m chronicling, not running a news agency. I collect, I don’t scoop. If I should HAPPEN to scoop, that’s a nice bonus, but I don’t need it as long as I figure out what’s going on eventually.

In the past two years alongside chronicling Rory, I have also been following a lot of social-media stuff about Scotland. He indirectly got me onto that, and it’s been fun. Just the photography alone is breathtaking, if obviously doctored most of the time. I’ve also learned a bit about the Scots language which is a sister language to English, not the same as Scots Gaelic. I may link to some of that on the links page eventually, because why not. I’d also like to actually go to that country one of these years. Apparently with Americans (and people of a few other nationalities) they give you a limit of six months to stay if you go visit, and if you leave again then the clock resets, although if you take too much advantage of that they start thinking you’re trying to actually live there and will send your ass home. And you’re not allowed to work there, not even distance work, not even your own business that has nothing to do with anything in Scotland. The UK needs to update its laws on that subject. Portugal lets you stay for a year if you are self-employed or a distance worker. I wish the UK did. But we don’t live in that world so I’d have to save up money to stay there however long I might manage. Bummer. But you never know. I might make it happen. I’m kind of tired of here, and I’ve got nothing better to do. Also, according to’s current DNA information (which is regularly updated, and will likely change for me again as they acquire new research information), while I’m estimated as having 66% French ancestry, my next-largest ancestral group is Scottish (13%). I laughed when I read that. Now I want to know where specifically it’s from. By way of Nova Scotia is my best guess, as my Acadian ancestors lived there for a time and would have had Scottish neighbors, probably. No idea if I can claim any clan at all. If I can do some serious work on my family tree over the next two to three years, maybe by that point I’d have to go to Scotland to look up other info and then I’d have something to do there in addition to drinking and hillwalking*.

That’s not going to be possible for at least a few more years though. Got to get this kid grown and hopefully in college, got to take care of other stuff.

I wonder why St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal here but St. Andrew’s Day isn’t. The Scots have been just as indispensable to U.S. history as the Irish have.

Anyway. I’ve slacked off on working on this site but hopefully will get more done soon. So look out for that.

*And you’re saying, “And looking for Rory,” but no. Unless something really weird happens between now and then to justify looking for him, I would prefer to just go, do my own thing, and see what happens. If he hasn’t gotten married by then and if he still has his boat and still docks in the same place (“if” is a big word for being only two letters long), it’d be little trouble to find him (or at least the boat), but if he got wind of me showing up there, he’d think I was stalking him and, no matter what my intentions were, he’d be justified in thinking so. No bueno. But if I just run into him somewhere at random, on accident (for real), that’s all right. And if he IS married, and especially if he HAS sold his boat, I wouldn’t begin to know where to look in that case, so I’m better off just hoping to run into him somewhere anyway. So… ha ha, but no. But I would not be above going around to some of his old haunts and getting pics to share. That would be an interesting sort of scavenger hunt, don’t you think?