Administrivia: 17 July 2021

So you know how Rory used to dock at Troon in Ayrshire? (Don’t know if he still does, but I know he used to.) There was a fire at their train station today!

Trains cancelled as firefighters tackle station blaze

Heard about it on social media first because I follow about umpty-billion Scotland-related Facebook pages now. The fire was severe enough to affect at least one nearby business, and they’re telling everyone traveling to or from Troon to just take the bus and no, the bus won’t take train tickets/ passes/ whatever, by the way.

Hope Rory wasn’t mixed up in that at all. Probably not, I can’t see him taking public transit much anymore.

Should be adding more pics to the website header soon. Thought about it today but am not sure I’m up for it. My sleep patterns are a lot better since kiddo’s doc told her to try sleeping from 10pm to 6am for her sleep issues, and of course your teenagers will listen to a stranger before they’ll listen to you. Haven’t had any up-all-nighters since we started with that habit, but I’ve had a few bad-sleep or little-sleep nights, including last night. So I’m torn between wanting to keep busy to keep myself better awake, and wanting to just go take a fucking nap. I imagine that’ll get worse as the evening wears on.

At last, more than a month after the fridge started dying, we may be replacing it for real on Monday or Tuesday. Not sure how much of that story I shared here, basically House Male gave himself less than half an inch allowance on the sides for getting a new fridge and it backfired spectacularly. Neither the wall nor the floor is trued up, for different reasons, so the fridge won’t fit in its allotted space. (The kitchen is an add-on to a Cape Cod style house.) Lowe’s then gave him the runaround on getting it swapped out but I think we may be on the downhill side of that bullshit now. We’ll see. I refuse to get my hopes up after the way this year has gone.

Finally used the Clegane dog stamp again and am waiting for the printings to finish curing, which should be good to go tomorrow or Monday. That’ll be the last bit of yellow mask-making I do. I still have a good little bit of yellow flannel which I had originally bought for masks but, with the machine I had at the time, was too thick for the job. I will probably be making some small hanging banners out of that. Which will mean carving that second dog stamp after all.

I will probably offer at least one mask and one banner for sale, probably on an Etsy shop. Against my better judgment as I may get flagged for trademark violation or something. But I’m not keeping all the dog masks I’ll be making — there will be five total including the one I’ve already made. I want at least one more for myself and will keep these on hand for when I have a cold or other creeping crud that I don’t want to pass to other people. The mask has a pocket in it to hold a piece of coffee or HEPA filter, but with that pocket alone the whole thing has four layers which is an improvement on the Center for Disease Control’s three-layer recommendation. (This pattern also typically contains an encased nose wire. I don’t have one on my existing mask but there will be one in each of the new ones once I’ve sewn those up.) We basically almost killed the common cold and the flu over the past year and a half just masking and distancing. So now that I’ve got a way to not be a Patient Zero for airway infections, I’m running with it. But again, five of the same cloth mask is ridiculous. I don’t mind passing some on.

I have not decided yet whether these will be U.S.-only sales. Probably, so as to minimize potential complications. I will not link to them from here because that is not what this site is about, but if you see someone selling a few yellow cloth masks with the Clegane dog on them in the near future, that’s very likely me.

I must acknowledge it is possible or probable that selling these will resort in some kind of outing of myself. Rather just come out and admit it as I would look pretty silly giving the impression that my identity is still some big secret if I’m sending people things through the mail, especially if a PayPal payment is involved, which would reveal my name anyway. All I can say is don’t expect any spectacular revelations; I’m no one famous and no great beauty (or any sort of beauty) and certainly no one to get excited about. Some of you will not be surprised at who I am at all, however, because you’ve interacted with me before. I will say that my fandom spaces and my personal spaces are two entirely separate spheres; this is why I started this site in the first place, so as not to get tangled up in fandom drama on my personal accounts, and I am still maintaining that boundary. If you would be so kind as to conduct yourselves accordingly, should you figure out for sure who I am, I would greatly appreciate it.

Speaking of social media. Denzil Meyrick’s following me on Twitter now. Ha ha ha ha ha. HA. Tell you what though, he seems a pretty stand-up guy. Seems to value his fans. I need to read more of the DCI Daley series, the first book was pretty good.

(For those of you who don’t know, in the past few years Meyrick has been contemplating who he’d want to play Daley if his books became a TV show. He hit upon Rory as his favorite candidate — in reading the first book, I wholly concur — and has corresponded with him by email to that effect, which got Rory reading the books too. Awesome.)