Administrivia: 16 October 2021

O hai! Not dead. It’s been a while, though, so I thought I’d better peek in.

First up, YES! I am adding in more header photos. Screencaps, more accurately. As I “shot” those, sort of (I’m not the original cinematic camera operator, OBVIOUSLY), I feel more comfortable using them. Not gonna lie, though: it’d be fun as hell to intersperse something like fan or con photos. Not anytime soon, sadly. Maybe someday.

Only catch with the new uploads: Slower than molasses going uphill in January.

On Ben Nevis.

So that’ll drag out fifty times longer than it ought to take, then.


Still. Kenny McLeod is now in my header. Ain’t it wunnerful? Awwwww. I don’t think Rory quite understood how fucking adorable he was in that show.

Well, we’ll enlighten you, Rory.


It takes less time to put up a blog post, though, and I have some time to write, and do not (by some miracle) spend all that time seething at my younger child’s father, who is the reason I moved back to Cajun Country in the first place. Which means I’ve had time to contemplate other things. Rut-roh, Raggy. Hold on to yer butts.

…Okay, it won’t be as bad as all that. And I won’t go into all the Rory topics I wonder about. But expect some weirdness every now and again. Pretty much good weirdness, I think.

In the meantime, a Rory-related situation I had previously been meh about seems to have improved drastically. Hiiiii! Welcome back, luv! Good to see you again. Not trying to be cute or creepy or a smartass. Genuinely pleased. See? I KNEW you couldn’t stay away.


Anyway. I’mma go answer the call of nature and then write another thing. Soon, unless I am inadvertently interrupted. Ta.