Administrivia: 15 March 2023

I hate Meta. Both Facebook and Instagram. We’ve been over this before, and of course I haven’t left either platform even though I came very close to it late last year (early this year? I dunno… it’s all a blur, man). One thing I hate about them is the way they mess up my newsfeeds. I can’t just get everything in chronological order, oh no. I have to get things in the order THEY think I ought to get them. Even if it’s something or someone I really want to see.

If you pay attention to a certain very tall Scotsman on Instagram, you know where this is going.

Yep. Rory posted again.

Fantastic photo (obviously not taken by him, doesn’t even look like it’d be a tripod-and-timer setup; mad compliments to whoever the photographer is, and likely it was Mrs. McCann), big man dwarfed by a far bigger waterfall. Opinions vary on where it’s located, and of course he’s not talking, but one commenter opined that it looked like something in Iceland, and I suspect they’re right. Hope they are, actually. We know how much he loves Iceland, and I hope he gets over there frequently.

I would also just about kill to see him and Thor Bjornsson (who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones for the character’s later-series appearances, and if you didn’t know that, catch up) clowning around on IG while he’s there. That would be awesome. Hopefully Thor won’t try to get Oor Rory into a gym, though. After Rory’s experience trying to cut for a shirtless scene in GOT which wound up not happening (the one where the Hound’s telling Arya the story of his burns), he’s pretty much sworn them off.

Anyway, because this is me and because Meta sucks and because my life’s been SO delightful the past couple of years, I didn’t see the post til two days later. Grump.

But hey. I’m glad he’s there at all. Still feelin’ smug ’cause I said a while back that if he got on social media it’d probably be IG. He’s a bit of a shutterbug.

(ISTFG I did not know he was on there until a couple months after he opened the account. And lots of times, I am wrong about stuff. But that just makes it more satisfying when I nail something between the eyes. BAZINGA.)

Oh! Speaking of Thor. He was here in Ohio again about a week ago! Goddamn it, every year I want to take my fat ass to The Arnold downtown, and every year I am BROKE when it comes around. I need to just make it a goal right now. You wouldn’t know it to look at me but I’m interested in health-nut stuff. My former stepmom used to bodybuild, so I’m not wholly unfamiliar with that whole scene. So, even if I’m still a fatass next year, and I probably will be the way things have gone, I’d like to go just to see if I run into him. He seems like a really fun guy. I can’t say I would be sorry to run into Ahhhhhnuld, either.


I have this idea about how to format things here, using the blog function mostly instead of the pages, but I’m not 100% behind my own idea. Still mulling it over. It would be a lot of work that I just can’t do right now, but I was curious whether it wouldn’t look better as a kind of scrapbook format? I don’t know. I really don’t know, but I’m making note of it here in case I forget later and in case it turns out it would have been a great idea after all. I’m thinking about how most people look at websites now, and this theme is already mobile-friendly, but maybe the way I have arranged information could be mobile-friendlier. We’ll see.