Administrivia: 14 April 2021

I mentioned the Netflix button for The Irregulars in the previous post. Here ’tis.

Netflix button for The Irregulars... with Rory's hands!

I’m gonna be real damn amused if it turns out other characters have used this Ouija board and those aren’t actually Rory’s hands… but they look like Rory’s hands, so that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Rather unusual way for me to share hand porn, but there you go.

Oh hell. Here’s some more. Enjoy.

Rory's hands in The Book Group

Rory's hands in Jack 'n' Jill

and my personal favorite

Rory's hands in Slow West

Rory showed in at least one of the cons he attended that he knows about us fangirls and the hand thing. If he ever sees this, his eyeballs will likely roll across the room. Ha ha, snicker snicker, but seriously, I don’t know if that’s actually true about hands. I’ve had, shall we say, somewhat wide and varied experience over the years (we are all adults here, or I hope we are… get over it) and while I’ve seen some correlations, they have not been absolute. Frankly, height is often a better indicator than hand size, though hand size often correlates with height. Anyway, it’s not the size of the boat, it’s how you sail it. And the man has beautiful hands regardless. And clearly musician’s hands. One reason he was really driven to make it as an actor is he was tearing up his hands doing tree work — all that vibration with the chainsaw caused nerve damage. He’s got something called white finger syndrome, and it is a permanent condition; all you can do is not make it worse. So I for one am grateful the acting thing worked out, for his sake. Bet y’all are too.

Anyway. I’ve been having Issues around here lately and have been stressing out, so a bit of distraction is nice. Hi everybody, I’m not dead, hopefully more to share soon. Mwah.