Administrivia: 13 November 2021

And now for an actual admin update. As always, I don’t mean to make the whole site about me, but it might be useful to someone, in theory, if I keep you all apprised on the behind-the-scenes, so to speak.

Just uploaded another pic to the header. Yes, as in singular. I haven’t done anything to get at-home internet yet. I am not yet certain I can justify the expense. If I need to get my laptop online, I can hotspot through my phone. I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable looking for any sort of regular internet-access solution until I’m earning what I consider a comfortable amount of money. My threshold for that is not very high, I don’t have to win the Powerball or anything, but I need to go higher than I am right now.

So it’ll likely be an approach like uploading one pic to the header per day, and that only when I remember to. I’m sure you are all heartbroken 🙄 but we’ll manage.

It’s pretty difficult to juggle what else I want to do with the site as well when I can’t just jump on it any time I think about it. So stuff will get improved but the pace will likely be glacial. If you thought it was glacial before, Just You Wait.

So I’m glad I didn’t wholesale give up the blogging. I can at least broadcast when something interesting’s known to be going on with Rory. Like I’ve said probably a million times, I can’t scoop (jump on a new news story early or immediately), but I can chronicle, so that’s what I’mmagonna do. Nyeh.

I’ve tinkered here and there, though. Just in a couple spots. If you dig around enough you’ll find what changed. Such a small detail. Such a big change. Hmmmm.

Nope. No hints. Just go look. There you go.

‘Later, ‘gators. Can’t say when, hopefully soon.