Administrivia: 13 June 2022

This is more or less an “I’m not dead” post.

Still working through the personal shit, in fact I had this whole paragraph here about having to sell my DSLR camera, but you don’t come here to see that. If you know how to get to my social media (as in personal accounts — sorry, haven’t revived or rebooted the ones for this site), I talk about it a little bit there. If you don’t care, it’s not here in your face. You’re welcome. That said, it did what it needed to do and got things a little more secure for me (only a little… businesses that buy used goods are bastards at the best of times, and this was not a new camera), and I also got rid of a reminder of one of the many ways my daughter’s dad used to make me miserable. Fantastic. Moving on now.

So, I keep hearing rumors about the next installment of the Jumanji franchise. Supposedly the next film is going to go into Jurgen the Brutal’s back story? But I keep hearing things like this, and always from fan blogs, never so-called “official” entertainment sites. I take it all with a whole-ass salt quarry. Still, if that’s going to be another job lined up for the big man, I am all for it. Bonus: it will likely be released on DVD. I’m still pretty bummed out that Netflix never released The Irregulars on hard copy. What the actual fuck, Netflix? You’re gonna make me resort to desperate measures, AREN’T YOU. Oh well. I’m used to it. I mean, there are a few other interesting things of his which it is impossible to acquire legally in hard-copy form. Fan life, yo. Cradle to grave.

And finally, some sailing-themed music. Enjoy.

and yes, it is complete coincidence that Robert Plant is in two of these. What can I say. Mwah.