Administrivia: 12 June 2021

Hi! Still not getting enough sleep, but got enough to feel better. Am operating at this point on full-octane coffee, eye drops, and surliness.

(More personal shit going on that I will not get into, just a new wrinkle today. People aggravate me so fucking much. The biggest misconception I had as a kid was that adults always know what they’re doing. OH BOY, HAVE I LEARNED DIFFERENTLY SINCE.)

Okay! Here are some gen-you-wine site updates that might actually be relevant for you, I dunno. Can’t speak for you, just guessing.

First up: I finally got around to looking at the IMDB for The Irregulars because I figured more than enough time had lapsed for the cast list to be finalized. I don’t know if you remember me speculating on whether they stuck Rory in the plague doctor costume but that I was suspicious it was someone else. Turns out it was someone else. If you have not looked for yourself, I did that for you. The actor playing Jessie’s scary plague doctor was… [drumroll] …Ian Whyte.

What? The second Gregor Clegane actor???


What do you want to bet he and Rory went drinking? Hahaha. He was actually the only Mountain actor Rory never interacted with onscreen on Game of Thrones. Then again, who knows whether they even saw one another on set this time around, and the show was plagued by COVID-related fuckery anyway. At one point the actors all sat at home for six months waiting for it to be safe to go back to work, and had to maintain continuity in things like hair length and (where applicable) facial hair, with no available stylist crew to help, for half a year. (So if you saw any weird little inconsistencies, that’s why.) So maybe Rory and Ian hung out and maybe not. But the prospect of same is fun to think about.

I will probably edit that blog post with the screenshots from the first episode just to make it clear the plague doctor bits were not Rory. Probably will even delete the images. They were really dark anyway.

Next up, I am really, really behind on stuff I said I was working on earlier this year. Time really gets away from me if I’m not constantly riding herd on myself to keep up with things. I still have the tabs up, even, from when I was working on stuff before. They’re just sitting there. It’s really stupid. I can’t stay up until 3 or 4 or 5am anymore if I want to be functional during the day — we are working on improving kiddo’s sleep habits, which even for a teenager really needed work, and I was pretty messed up too — which means I need to grow the fuck up and quit worrying about people possibly looking over my shoulder. It’s a fan site, not the fucking NSA. The one person who might say anything really stupid is seriously in dutch with me at the moment anyway, and probably better watch his fucking mouth if he doesn’t want a raging case of déjà vu from all the “fun” we had when he put me through hell seventeen years ago.

But never mind. Point is I should be tinkering with this more from day to day. At some point you’ll probably be able to tell. So look forward to that. Just don’t 100% get your hopes up, given my track record so far.

One obvious change: I’ve changed the “meta” section in the sidebar. I think the new section title is more in keeping with the general theme.

In other news, I have had a little bit of misadventure trying to acquire Pasty Faces. I ordered it several months ago off Amazon, from a Marketplace seller, and was all smug because it hadn’t been that expensive — but the package never arrived. Based on how that went down I’m suspicious they never shipped it at all, but they were good about refunding me, at least. I looked again after that and people were wanting like a hundred bucks for the fucking thing. Are you kidding me??? If the price had never come down I was willing, but I was going to wait it out and prioritize other stuff and then go back later. And then I looked on Amazon UK. Bam. There it was. I ended up out maybe thirty bucks at most, I just had to wait a bit for it to get here. Totally not the seller’s fault. Just the way things work out. At least the mail is not fucked up like it was there for a while. Best part? I didn’t have to have it shipped through a remailer. I have that option, and an account with one, but I’d really rather not.

And then, as part of my continuing decluttering spree, I took a bunch of books I wasn’t keeping anymore to Half Price Books and sold them to the tune of twenty dollars and something back, and moseyed on over to the DVD section to see what Rory stuff they had. Scored my OWN copy of Hot Fuzz (the one I capped a while back is House Male’s) as well as the Clash of the Titans remake.

So basically I am now up three vids in the collection, four if you count the other thing I got alongside Pasty Faces that never arrived and I got refunded for, then ordered again from someone else because they weren’t asking for my right arm, my left leg, and my first grandchild in payment. Not too shabby.

Okay, time to stop boring you. I have chores to do and possibly some heavy stuff to move around. Yay. ‘Later.