Administrivia: 11 February 2023

Got a few more pics up into the header. It’ll be fun to see how many I can upload before the rotating function finally chokes.

I’ve seen Beowulf and Grendel, the film from which the latest header photos have been taken. I get the impression, just by watching Rory’s demeanor in that film, that he had a hell of a lot of fun making it. It probably wasn’t a comfortable experience, from what little I’ve heard (there is a documentary on the making-of which I desperately want to find one day, just in case he’s in it at all), but there were so many Scotsmen in the cast and — who knows — possibly the crew that Rory must have felt right at home. And anyone who’s been his fan for long enough knows he loves Iceland anyway.

(It is telling that, as of this posting, the only two posts I’ve seen put up on his Instagram besides his “joust” video include a photo of him in Iceland. And just in case you wondered where it was, he told you it was Iceland. 💚🤍💙 I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t visit occasionally. I hope he does.)

But it’s his whole demeanor. He has stated numerous times in interviews that he’s a nervous actor. You can actually see it in some of his productions. You can’t see it here. It’s like the whole experience was one long party for him. I’m sure it wasn’t always, what with the weather and filming at all hours and all, but as far as personal interactions and that sort of thing.

The costume was a good look for him, too. If you want to make me happy, show me a photo of Rory McCann in period garb of pretty much any sort. Tshirts and jeans may be his preferred wear off the clock, but GOD he’s gorgeous in anachronistic wear. Even in The Book Group, my favorite bit is him in the university library in one of Claire’s fantasies. You know what I’m talking about.

Rory McCann in The Book Group


But I was talking about the B&G costume. Oh, just hit reload on the front page a bunch of times. (You probably won’t add to my hit count.) They even put a good hairpiece on him. I’ve seen him in something that had him in an awful wig.

The thing they did with his beard was interesting, too. We’ve all seen that photo of him with Tony Curran down the pub and Rory’s in mutton chops.

That’s not the whole image, sorry, but it’s illustrative. And Rory had his beard like this because it was for his costume. If you pay close attention in the firelight scenes early in the film, you can sort of see a difference in the hair. They had basically glued a mustache-beard-wig on his face.

Rory McCann in Beowulf and Grendel

And, be fair, that was the only way they were gonna get those awesome beard-braids in a hurry. He didn’t have like two or three fucking years to grow that out.

Nice job matching hair all over, too. Not quite Rory’s color, but believable.

(If you are about to say “but his real mustache and beard are kinda red around his mouth,” yes, that’s tobacco staining. I wasn’t very surprised when I finally saw him smoking in a video. I grew up with smokers and I’ve seen that in the ones with facial hair. Rory’s hair is pretty much black. Except those awesome gray streaks in his beard he’s developing now.)

Okay. I’m about to get kicked out of this library — nicely — and I need time to put shit together to go. Life’s okay. Could be better, isn’t terrible (seriously), we’ll see how things go. Like always.