Administrivia: 10 October 2022

Okay, if you are a sad sack like me and don’t get to hear Rory in the new Transformers series, the new season trailer dropped yesterday. Talk and you’ll miss it. You can hear him twice in this, very briefly.


…No comment.

But heyyyyy! They’ve got him doing an American accent! I’ve only heard him do that in one other thing, ever! I sort of got the notion from some of his interviews that he really likes learning new accents, though, and I shared that thing a while back where he sent an actor he’s worked with some tapes on how to do a Scottish accent. Between all that and the way he seems to have just randomly picked up Icelandic (I also wonder how much Scots Gaelic he knows, as he spoke a few phrases of it in The Book Group, and what other languages he might have picked up along the way), I wonder if he didn’t miss a huge opportunity to work as a linguist. I bet he’s got the chops for it.

I came this close to saying something inappropriate about Rory being an… intelligent… linguist but we’ll just leave that the fuck alone. 😎

In other news, my car has picked up a fault. I am suspicious I have somehow damaged the rear driver’s side brake caliper, which isn’t the most expensive damage I could have done to the car, but isn’t a fucking tire repair either. At this point the thing I need to use to keep a roof over my head could go dangerously fucked up at any time. As it is, even if I get it in to a mechanic before that caliper totally fails, I’m going to get yelled at for not going in immediately, because people with money are fucking idiots and do not understand the concept of I am so fucking broke I can’t fucking pay attention like LITERALLY, I’m lucky to get 1500 calories a day at this point and it’s fucking up my attention span no matter how many different ways or how loudly you try to explain it to them, and I’m not good at getting loud up in people’s literal faces anyway. More likely I’ll just take the disrespect and then bitch about it a whole lot later where the offender can’t see me. And this, folks, is how I got into this mess in the first place. I should have been meaner all along.

Oh well.

I have other immediate issues too but you don’t come here for that. It’ll work out or it won’t. There is no third option.

Meanwhile driving the fucking thing is embarrassing because you can now hear me brake. So that’s an added extra fun element to the overall fuckery. Yay.

(The reason I think it’s the caliper is that I hear it when I stop and then I hear it when I start rolling again and as I get faster, the noise goes away. What I think is happening is it doesn’t like closing and it’s also reluctant to open. I could be full of it. I’m still holding out hope for something simply being stuck in the wheel and possibly interacting with the caliper, but nothing actually being damaged or broken. Who fucking knows. Probably will find out soon. Hopefully not the hard way.)