Administrivia: 09 July 2023

It is testament to the mis-wiring of my mind that I fucked off all day (note the “off”… my life has been boring in that way for a long, long time) and then suddenly, close to two hours after I usually get off work except it’s Saturday, I’m working on this site. GOD. I could have gotten SO much done by now.

Oh well. It’s a start. I figure I’ll give me til about 2am or so, my time, for this little work session here.

You will find that stuff disappears. I have ideas about how I want to move forward with this and it’s looking like — no promises — there will be considerably less autobiography and smartassitude going forward. I know some of you like me being silly — you made that obvious when I still had a Facebook page for this project, and didn’t we have a time? — and maybe even Rory doesn’t mind it, if he even looks at this place, but I don’t know yet whether I will fit my humor in here somewhere going forward or even how I will do it. At this point I just want to get a straight-up narrative going, and then we’ll see what else fits. And it could be by then that you’re getting enough out of the site just as I envision it now that you won’t miss the bullshit. Fun as it sometimes was. There will still be a personal “voice” here though. That’s too difficult for me personally to leave off.

Anyway. We will see how this goes! I’m already pleased to note the index page looks like it will work as it should. So there’s that.

Oh, and a further personal note. At one point I had opined that I would not be going tracking down Rory’s birth info. I still have not personally seen his birth certificate and will not be seeking it out. I did, however, stumble across an information source that contained both his apparent birth data (time and place and date) and his middle name, claiming his birth certificate as a source of that information. You know… someone, no idea who, took it upon themselves to declare his middle name was Philip some years ago and to append it to his Wikipedia article (and it has since been deleted). I can’t see how it is worse for me to share information I’m two degrees away from verifying versus someone just making shit up.

Plus this came off a public site. I didn’t need a password to see it. It’s out there. My keeping my mouth shut didn’t make it less public.

And if it makes you feel better, my middle name’s Rachael. So there.

Okay. Onward. Let me not distract myself with nonsense again. This post won’t stay up forever, but hopefully enough of you will see it until then. The times, they are a-changin’.