Administrivia: 08 March 2022

I just cannot with the nonsense in entertainment media.

“Hollywood Talk” is a garbage site pretending to report on the entertainment world, trying to stir up shit about an actor. They’re not the only rag doing this, I think I saw The Express and maybe one or two others in the Google results with recent stuff from the past day. Fucking tabloids. Wouldn’t line a birdcage with ’em.

Conleth Hill, who played Varys in Game of Thrones, was not wearing a skullcap for his costume. He actually shaved his head, and he’s one of those rare men who was blessed with a full head of gorgeous silver hair when he went all gray. So he was depressed about having to shave it off, Rory wanted to know what was wrong, Conleth told him, and Rory as ever had a wiseacre thing to say about it. Witty in a beautiful accent is our big man.

The problem is that now I’m trying to look up the story I’m seeing two different versions of what Rory said and they both came from Conleth:

Shut up and think of your pension


Shut up and get in your Bentley.”

WHICH WAS IT? No fucking idea. Do actors get pensions in the UK? If so, is that influenced by their income while they were still working? Depending on the answer and given other context, I think the Bentley version is far more credible. But it could have been Conleth forgetting the wording, or the Boston Herald reporter misunderstanding him.

In any case, WHATEVER Rory said, it’s pretty clear from the “pension” video that Conleth was not angry or bitter about what he said at all. So what the fuck is this nonsense?

Anyway, if Rory came off snarky at the time, it’s not hard to guess why. And let me preface this with I have absolutely no issues with a man losing hair as he ages. It does not take away from his appeal for me if I already find him appealing. Nobody cares, of course, but I don’t want you taking away the mistaken notion that I’m judging Rory on the behavior of his fucking hair follicles, Jesus, don’t we have better things to do? BUT, here’s Rory and, given old video and pics of him and the curls you can still see in what’s left in his hair now, he had nice hair (by young-people standards) when he was younger and you know he mourned it when it went, as most guys do. (And women… mine’s thinned out over the past decade, and I’m seriously fucking bummed. No bald spots though. [knocks on head]) His hair’s half-gone by the time this conversation happened and here’s this dude with a veritable SILVER MANE crying because he has to say goodbye to his own hair temporarily. COME ON NOW.

I figure something like that was going through Rory’s head at the time. Probably punctuated with a few “fuck”s.

Dumb question: Are actors allowed to be human? Just wondering.

Anyway. I’m getting hangry. Dunno if you noticed I tweaked some stuff over the past few weeks, but it isn’t much and I still have lots more to do. It’s in process. All I can say.