Administrivia: 07 July 2021

O Readers, I am sorely disappointed but not surprised. I had me a brain cramp when I ordered that copy of Rolling Stone. I should have looked for a Game of Thrones special issue, and Readers, I did not. Holy shit, what a clusterfuck. No, RS, I do not want to read about KISS. Fun band, but not my fandom.

But! I have zeroed in on what likely IS the source of Rory’s interview. So unless y’all slurp them all up between now and, let’s say, maybe sometime tomorrow if I’m lucky? I’ll be getting hold of that soon. Probably. I live in hope.

Meanwhile, the new layout. You’re drowning in Alexander scenes, amIrite? I know. I’ll likely add more today. Note I said “likely.” I’m puttering around with random things and may or may not get around to it. You know the drill if you have been here very long at all. It’s a wonder I ever get visitors.

We have been having hijinks around here concerning the fridge, which was finally on its last legs (probably). It’s been replaced, but not well. I’m not going into it just now, suffice to say I’m a mite irritated. That situation is still in progress. Meanwhile I’m starting to sort out my financial situation, and I got caught up in bad luck myself. I don’t know what the fuck is in the water, but it needs to go away. But it’s only temporary bad luck, I hope. If my luck changes for the better tomorrow, not only will I not be entirely broke, I’ll be able to sort out the Rolling Stone situation as previously mentioned. That’ll be nice. We’ll see.

P.S. Holy shit, Batman! There are previous/next links at the bottom of blog posts now!