Administrivia: 07 August 2021

Ah, here we are with an even-started month and we get a Friday the 13th! I love these months. I even have a black cat. (He has a tiny white bib, but it doesn’t count.) I am ALL set.

Seems that my last attempt at an update got eaten because my dumb ass forgot to publish it and I just moved away from it and lost it for good. Or it’s saved as a draft, but I’ll probably delete the draft because I can just tell you what’s going on again.

First up, I’ve been updating things. You may have noticed. A little editing here, a little rearranging there, and the menu looks a lot better from a computer browser and other things have been improved, sometimes vastly. This site is an ongoing job and I will never be finished until I start hating Rory (Glob forbid) or I die, but it’s nice when things improve.

Also… I am almost bouncing like a little kid, and it’s not the Balvenie… I have had a breakthrough with this.


I can’t believe it took me THAT FUCKING LONG to figure it out. But better late than never.

I am waiting, rather impatiently as the sender does not live that far from me, for a copy of Rolling Stone that should be the issue this article came from. The good news is that this issue is easy to find on eBay, so I will let you know if the article is indeed in there and then show you a pic of what the issue looks like and the date. That way you can get your own copy if you want. Hopefully the various sellers don’t wise up and jack up the price.

(Just looked it up and eBay tells me it’s arrived. Okay, cool. So that’s something to go get later.)

I’m also on the prowl for another hard-copy source for another Rory thing, but I’m not saying what it is because my source may have only one copy and I don’t want it poached before I can get it, which will be later this month. IF I get it. It may not include everything I need. I’m tempted to email the site and ask them if they can look at it for me but I figure they will probably laugh me off, as they have tons of inventory (not of this particular thing, but a lot to search through). But it’ll be the same end result if I ask or I don’t ask — or I could ask and they’d actually look. So I’ll probably ask. Nothing to lose.

This month will possibly shape up to be shite in a similar vein to how May and June were shite. I will endeavor to not make it y’all’s problem, and I’m grateful I don’t have the social media accounts for this site anymore, so I won’t be able to grump at y’all in real time. Yay! A year and a half to go, y’all. If that long. The way things are going, it may not be that long.

Okay. Back to work. Including on this Balvenie. Y’all. Seriously. Balvenie.

Rory and Balvenie

Rory was onto something. His was nicer than mine, but mine’s not exactly crap.

Anyway. ‘Later.