Administrivia: 04 March 2022

Despite all my crybabying about Twitter in the past, I still have like three accounts there. Over the past day I noticed this news story trending there about a guy who got kicked out of a Tom Hanks production because, allegedly, Hanks said the guy had “dead eyes.” I am not going to mention the guy’s name here because I don’t want it googled, possibly directing people here, and then those people thinking that Rory somehow has an opinion on the matter. If he does, I have no idea what it is. The reason I’m mentioning it here is because when I first saw the bare bones of the story it immediately made me think of Rory, who also once got fired from a production, also by an American actor we all know and (most of us) love.

The similarity ends there. When Rory speaks of Ron Howard firing him from Willow, it’s a funny story. When Dead Eyes Guy speaks of Tom Hanks firing him… well, put it this way, this happened twenty years ago and the dude is STILL crybabying about it. Worse than I do about Twitter. Even wants to bring Tom Hanks on in his podcast so he can ask him about it.

This guy’s IMDB is longer than Rory’s, I think (I would have to count to make sure, but visually it looks longer), but it’s mostly a bunch of random TV stuff I’ve never heard of. And I think you would find more Americans who know who Rory is than you would find who recognize this dude. I could be wrong, but I just kind of have that impression.

And I don’t know what Hanks considers a “dead eyes” look, but he wasn’t far off the mark — that guy has WEIRD eyes. Rory pulls off an excellent Grumpy Bastard face (and tends to default to the male version of Resting Bitch Face as well… can relate, my dude, can relate), but his face much more often comes off warm and friendly to me.

I mean, I’m probably biased, but that’s just the way it is.

One more thing I appreciate about the man, though. It is not like he never complains about setbacks. He was pretty outraged when his abs stand-in for one of those Scotts Porage Oats ads talked shit about him to a tabloid, for example. But it’s like he has his little explosion in the moment and then moves on. He doesn’t dwell on it for two fucking decades.

I still want to ask Ron Howard about firing Rory, though. Hahahahaha. Just to see if he remembers.