Administrivia: 03 July 2021

Oh wow, this turned out way better than I had any right to expect. This is hilarious. The theme is called Twenty Seventeen, and it is one of the “default” themes that comes with a WordPress install. I’ve been glancing at it and playing around with it a bit off and on for years, but never thought much of it. What do you know. Holy shit.

My ONE complaint insofar as the photo rotation is that it doesn’t work as well on my phone, and I am on an Android system using Chrome. You may find you have a similar experience. To wit, I can’t just reload the page and presto there’s another picture. Typically I have to have gone to other areas of the website first, then when I come back to the home page it’s a different picture.

But this is not a dealbreaker. I can live with it.

The one other issue with the photos is that I’ve got at least one where Rory is not centered in the picture, so if you’re on your phone you’re seeing a whole lot of nothing, just the background and whoever else is in the image. Sorry about that. But like I said, this thing works best on a real computer. I’ll try to be more mindful moving forward as I upload more.

In other news, I had an epiphany last night and I thought I’d share. It’s rather unlikely, but not impossible.

Some of you may have thought of this already. If so, my apologies. The way my brain works, I get a lot wrong immediately when I’m trying to figure out a situation but if I let the data percolate for a while in the ol’ gray matter, I start making interesting connections, figure out the situation more fully, or both. I wouldn’t say I’m slow, but… I’m slow. I get there eventually though.

So you’ve probably all seen the thing about Rory’s boats. Enough of you have seen the thing about Rory’s boats that when people google “Rory McCann boat” it comes up first after the image thumbnails in the search results. Finding that out was great fun. Anyway, I was going back over some pages last night to see how they looked in the new layout and I looked at that page too, and then I thought some more. Hm… Two boats that look very much alike… Apparently muddled sales-ad information… Two boats that look very much alike…


…Oh. Right.

Hm. So I wonder if Rory really does own Wooden Boat. Stay with me, right? And his marina friend maybe owns a different Wooden Boat that is by the same manufacturer and in the same class. So basically Twinsie Boats, right? But the one Rory owns is not the one Marina Friend was selling. Maybe they still mixed up some pictures, but the one we all thought Rory owned (those of us who know the boat name and, again, if you don’t know, don’t ask me) was the one Marina Friend owned, and Rory owns the other one?

Put another way: Let’s say the boat Rory owned was named A, but we thought it was named B. Marina Friend actually owns B. Some exterior photos of A wound up in the sales ad because they were the only nice ones Marina Friend could get a hold of, but the interior photos were of B. And B is the boat Marina Friend was selling.

[edit: I corrected the above paragraph just a little bit because that first sentence made no fucking sense. I trust it’s clearer now. What it is now is what I meant.]

In fact, IN FACT, Rory and Marina Friend could have taken Boat B on that run to Norway just to see how it held up with the understanding that Marina Friend would be selling B at some point, while Boat A stayed home safe and sound. And Rory still has it.

Do you think that could perhaps be it?

…Right. Sorry. I don’t take comments here.

So it’s still entirely possible Rory’s on a boat, and maybe even the boat we’ve all seen him on in photos. And maybe we don’t know what the name of his boat is after all.

Even if we’ve seen him on Wooden Boat with Name B clearly visible at the time, doesn’t mean that was his boat. He could have been on Marina Friend’s boat at the time for some reason.


Anyway. I’m gonna laugh my ass off if it ever comes out I’m right. Meanwhile maybe this will be conversational fodder in fan circles if this hadn’t occurred to any of you. I am not counting on that because, like I said, I’m slow. But JUST IN CASE, y’know, there it is.

This actually occurred to me last night but I stayed up entirely too late for what time I was supposed to get up today and I thought, If I write another blog post it’ll be another hour before I sleep. No bueno. So I wrote a little note to myself and left it next to my chair. I’m pathetic.

Anyway! Enjoy your weekend. More pics forthcoming for header at… some point. Definitely.