Administrivia: 03 April 2024

Oh look, it hasn’t been a whole month! Whew.

Nothing new really, the same old stuff on Google Alerts (Rory will be relieved), etc. I’m just checking in. We had a bit of a hiccup with Dad’s health, but it turned out to be something easily fixed, so back to normal really.

I wanted to say that there’s a new(ish?) Guinness beer ad on American TV, with none other than the big man’s California drinking buddy.

Rory McCann and Jason Momoa

Rory McCann and Jason Momoa part 2

I mean it’s kind of a funny commercial, and particularly takes the pish about that very American tendency to look at two percent of your genes and go “I AM SUCH-AND-SUCH ETHNICITY!”, and it is worth watching just for that.

But what struck me is that Rory’s ALSO done a Guinness ad.

…Okay, go do your laundry and then come back. I’m about to say more stuff.

Done? Cool.

Anyway. So I got to thinking how COOL it would be if Jason and Rory did some “drinking buddy” Guinness ads.

YOU KNOW IT. They could even joke around about the Irish vs. Scottish thing. It would be a fucking riot.

Okay. That’s enough for now. I gotta pee and then I gotta go home. Hopefully it won’t be a month again.