Administrivia: 02 March 2021

Well. That was brief and mostly painless.

I found myself in the bizarre position of wondering why the heck my site wasn’t down yet, though I did not want a site outage. Mental. It dropped later than I thought it would, but it did drop for a bit.

There’s a long story behind this whole thing but it’d put you to sleep. It is looking like maybe possibly there might be a light at the other end of the tunnel and that perhaps it isn’t an oncoming train after all. I have one good possibility of a regular daytime job, one probability of a nighttime flex-work job if I can figure out the stupid job-bidding app, and then after a major hiccup it looks like I can still do delivery driving til I sort out the other two. I’ve also been donating plasma, though this week my heart rate’s been a little high. Caffeine? Stress? Dunno. It’s really irritating. But as long as I can keep my room and also some food in me and some gas in my tank until I get a stable thing going that would enable me to get into an apartment, I’m good.

Logic says I should drop all this shit until I’m stable, but I get like a seven-day grace period with my hosting service if I let it lapse and then they erase my shit and yes, I know I have the backup files, but I’ve restored a WordPress site from a backup file before and, y’all, they say they also save the media files? They do not save the media files. At least not in any way that made any actual fucking sense to me. Sooooo I’m being good, I’m not paying for Netflix or Hulu or any other streaming, I get my entertainment from the library right now and my internet access is part of my motel suite’s weekly rate, I am barely even getting any fun food right now (in fact, my diet would horrify you) and alcohol is out of the question… Give me this. Thank you.

And now I will give you things. You’ve seen all these images before. Are you complaining? Heh heh heh.

Rory McCann lights up a room

Scotts Porage Oats Man

Sandor "The Hound" Clegane

Rory McCann hand pr0n #6

Rory McCann out-smoldering Dr. "Smolder" Bravestone in Jumanji: The Next Level

…Okay. Okay. I’ll stop. For right now.