Administrivia: 02 February 2022

Okay then! I’m in a weekly-rate motel for now til I get things sorted. I realized before I left Ohio that I could make pretty good money doing gig work, so that’s what I’ll be doing as a buffer until I get a Real Job(tm) or finish my proofreader training, whichever comes first

[yes, yes, I know, I do not employ perfect grammar or punctuation here and I likely misspell things on occasion because that particular talent of mine seems to be slipping — no jokes about American spellings, either, y’all British types out there — but I view this as more of a casual conversation rather than formal writing, so]

but it’s going to be much more likely the Real Job(tm) as, even when I’m done with the training, it’ll take a while to pick up enough clients. Probably.

We are getting hit with a big storm here in Ohio, apparently, though from what I understand, chances are we won’t get the worst of it right here where I am. Plus I’m waiting for a couple other things to fall into place, so I’ll likely be taking downtime tomorrow and getting myself sorted. A little laundry, a little more moving things into this room, etc., unless what I’m waiting for falls into place early and the weather looks reasonable.

Oh, and Rory’s my roomie. 😎 The box I put his framed autographed pic into for travel is in the other chair across the table from me. I thought about actually taking him out and putting him on display, but I am very not trusting of the general direction of my life at the moment, and I’d rather be able to stick him back into the car again in a hurry.


…okay, enough of that.

Looked over the visitor stats again, as I do from time to time. It is pretty safe to say that a LOT of Rory’s fans want to know his relationship status! Come on now, my dude… we don’t have to know her name! We just want to know if there IS a “her.” Or a “him”… can’t see it, personally, but we should never assume. I stopped believing random Instagram “experts” on the subject a long damn time ago. You’re the only real expert on this question — well, and she is, if there’s a “her.” Let’s have it!

It would certainly make better news than recycled Porage Oat Man stories, that’s for sure.

Although if you could ever persuade Scott’s Porage Oats to release HD versions of their ad campaign with you, I think you’d just about make my entire LIFE. I doubt I am speaking only for myself, either.

up yer kilt!


Anyway. Stuff to do. Just peeking in. Hi!