Administrivia: 01 March 2023

Update on the situation:

Car’s fixed. Mostly. Those “new” brake pads from January are noisy, and I thought maybe it was the weather or something but when Delaware Guy fixed the two big car problems he was worried about the brake noise. So I went to Firestone, who’d done the brake work, and explained the situation as supposedly they warranty their work. I now have an appointment for them to look at it tomorrow.

Did some driving, climbed almost out of my hole. I have a different appointment today for other purposes (I may be getting my own digs soon, and I’m pretty excited), and then I should be able to catch lunchtime orders to a certain extent, depending on what that meeting leads to.

(I would love to drive until 9pm like I used to, but there is a curfew here and it’s half an hour from where I usually drive. I could probably get excused and stay out until 10, but I also get free food right now, and suppertime’s 5:30. I will probably decide real soon that I can just eat leftovers, though, if it helps me sort things out faster. Shit’s slowing down by 9pm most of the week, anyway.)

In the midst of all this I got a warning that the hosting expires tomorrow. If I can drive, it’ll get paid. If I can’t drive today, it’ll get paid soon. I can’t see the site being down past Friday unless something weird happens.

I’m seriously considering re-upping the domain early if my money situation improves a lot in the next few weeks. Might as well.

That’s basically it. I want to run on and on about what’s been up but at a certain point it just gets boring. Or would here, anyway.