Administrivia: 01 February 2022

[looks at dates on recent posts]


Um… ahem… I need to edit some stuff. The blog posts will still be there, but they will have different URLs because I’m changing the year to be correct.

How many of you are old enough to remember writing checks? Remember how you used to forget to change to the new year when writing checks in January? Right. I basically did that here, but with blog post titles. FUCK.

The only way this matters is if anyone linked to any of those posts anywhere. The links will now be broken. Sorry about that.


I’m back in Ohio. Only just arrived tonight (it’s almost 9pm my time as I write this), could be more thrilled with the accommodation, but I should be getting into better digs tomorrow if everything goes well, so it’s all good. Hopefully well ahead of the shit weather we’re supposed to be getting, or at least ahead enough that I won’t be much more than cold as I’m moving things out of my car.

I went through something a lot like this in 1999, and am annoyed that I’m going through it again. Some aspects of the situation are worse than before, some are better, and hopefully it will all balance out. I am also not as big of a dumbass as I was at age 25. That will surely help.


For some reason, entertainment media in Scotland have decided to recycle the Rory-as-Scott’s-Porage-Oats-Man story they did back in ’19 like “ha ha, remember when the Hound had ladies looking up his kilt?” Rory’s got a new voice-acting job, so I guess that’s what inspired them? So right now my Google Alerts are 2/3rds Porage Oats Man and 1/3 “Rory has a new acting job.” Okay, uh, thanks?

But hey, Rory, if you ever read this thing, I’m not saying I mind you in a kilt or, uh, anything. Ahem.

Okay. I have some plans to draw up and shit to do. Like, well, editing those fucking blog posts. Grr.