Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a major issue with any fandom undertaking. I laugh when I see people opining that copyright lawyers are assholes, because if one of them really were an asshole he could take early retirement by visiting basically any fan convention ever. It’s crazy. There’s a LOT of leniency and turning blind eyes. I think there’s a general understanding that we’re not here to steal from creators, just to celebrate what they’ve created.

I’m trying to produce as complete a picture I can of Rory McCann’s career and life, hence the “chronicles.” Problem is that if I just link to everything, news articles and other textual content have a habit of suddenly going poof forever. We probably can’t count on the Internet Archive always being around either, so I personally see it as a resource for backups, nothing more. So here’s how I approach the whole thing.


If I find a good article about Rory I will “reprint” it here (a practice called mirroring) with a link to its Internet Archive page as well as a link to the original piece if it still exists. If I could only find it in print media I will endeavor to inform readers how to find the original source. I will include attribution when that is available. It usually is.


If it’s from a stock agency but they allow embedding, I’ll embed it here. If they don’t, but I find the photos compelling*, I will probably link straight to the site from the Photos page. I’d love to buy copies of every awesome Rory photo I see, but I… am doing this… for free and honey, you should see how much the stock agencies charge even for the smallest files. Sorry.

Sometimes a photo is on Flickr and licensed as Creative Commons. In that case I can upload it here (if it has the right permissions). If it doesn’t, I can still usually embed from Flickr.

For any embed, there’s always the risk it will disappear. If it does, I’ll do my best to recover it (like as not, the code has changed). Sometimes I can.

I would love to put fan photos and fan art here, but you’re going to have to find some way to ask me to upload it and be able to prove it’s yours in some way. If I do add them but then start getting bullshit and tantrums over fan art and photos, they will go away again. Probably at some point I’ll be able to embed things from DeviantArt, though. That’s usually not a problem.


These are normally on YouTube or Instagram, hence embeddable. Official YouTube policy is no one’s allowed to download vids from YouTube. Almost no one respects this rule. I will not express a public opinion either way, as I’d like to keep my YouTube account. But I feel a wise fangirl archives her favorite videos in some way in case they disappear from the internet. Time will tell just how wise I in particular really am. I don’t have the best track record on wisdom, so who knows what’ll happen next? It’s a mystery! 🙄

Aaand that’s basically it. Nothing complicated. I reserve the right to change my policies on this subject at any time for any reason.


*I almost always find Rory photos compelling. This would be why I still have not finished embedding everything Getty Images has in their files. Bit off more than I could chew. 🤦‍♀️

[Last updated: 12 February 2021]

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