Administrivia: 29 July 2023

Hey gang.

I said this on my personal account on Instagram, and I’ve had a borderline shit day and a strange week and two years’ worth of heartbreak so I was not super nice about it, but I’ll be nicer here.

This doesn’t happen hugely often, but it does happen, so: Please stop DMing me asking me about this Rory thing or that Rory thing*.

Look, I know you probably send Rory DMs now that you have a direct line** to him. And that he never answers you. And that I at least, once in a while, may speak to some question a person asks me, or I used to, anyway.

But the problem is that as obsessed*** as I’ve been with the guy, I still don’t know the guy. Anything I could possibly tell you runs a high risk of being incomplete, mistaken, or downright bullshit. I don’t like to think so, but I’m human. I fuck up too.

If you see someone or get a DM from someone pretending to be him, just report them. It does not matter what I think of them. You know where Rory is. He’s the blue-check being followed by his screen-acting agent, his voice-acting agent, a band or members of that band who have met him in person, his former makeup artist, and possibly Maisie Williams (he’s definitely following her). So basically, anyone who isn’t that account but is saying they’re him is full of shit. Easy.

Anyway, I don’t always see messages in time to respond in a reasonable amount of time. That’s no good either, so just don’t. Thanks.

*And especially do not be asking me about that Rory thing. You could ask Mrs. McCann, but I doubt you’ll like her response.

**For some value of “direct,” because we don’t actually know whether that is Rory posting. It’s definitely his account and the account definitely posts pics of him we’ve never seen anywhere else (well, until people steal them and repost them elsewhere), but it may actually be Mrs. McCann doing the posting.

***Not “boil a bunny” obsessed, but maybe “talk endlessly about trains” obsessed. Except, well, this train is vertical (except when sleeping) and has no tracks (except the ones he leaves when hiking).

Administrivia: 27 July 2023

I literally am never gonna shut up and let this site speak for itself, am I

That’s okay. There’s still good stuff here, you just have to work harder to find it right now.

So here is a funny thing that I bet most of you haven’t seen and I’m gonna post it here and it’s not Rory but I hope Rory sees it. Rory’s a funny guy, I bet he appreciates other funny guys, and this guy hails from Rory’s neck of the woods so he ought to find it extra funny.

I dreamt last night…

Seriously, go watch that and laugh your hairy arsehole off. Out. Whatever.

We all need a laugh ’cause another of Rory’s jobs is ending. BOO. I heard. That Transformers series is done very soon now. Well, Rory already knew that, probably months ago, but suddenly now it’s news. Or, I dunno, it was news already and I missed it, which is not at all difficult to believe, but I heard about it finally the other day. Like, less than a week ago. And what do I say about running this fucking place?

Right. I chronicle. I do not scoop.

Oh well. If this means Rory’s finally working on that fucking TV show I AM ALL FOR IT.

Even though it’ll probably be ten fucking years before I finally get to watch him as DCI Daley.


But, here he is as a cop in another thing.

Hope Daley has a happier ending than… well… I’ll shut up. And I still need to get State of Play. It looked like the whole thing was going to be good. But what did I do instead? Bought a second copy of Hot Fuzz. I thought I was done with DVD impulse buys. Shows what I know.

Okay. Bedtime. Whee! (It’s almost 2:30am.)

Administrivia: 12 July 2023

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve put some more work into this. It isn’t a huge amount every time (seriously; a lot of it’s copy-and-pasting), but every little bit helps. That tag cloud is certainly growing.

I have been tagging things he’s been in wherever they’ve been mentioned. I could have just limited it to when something substantial was written about the work in question, but then we get into how to define “substantial.” I won’t worry about it. However. Come to think of it, one of the things I’ll be including in-line with this blog is an entry for each of his works on the date it was first released, and that will have its own Filmography category. So there’s that. Aaand when I do that I’ll likely include the screenshots when I have them! So that’ll be fun. I might not do it right away but edit the screenshots in later, depending on how generally busy I am. But the nice thing about a blog post is that you can shorten it with a “read more” tag, so I can make those posts nice and long when I have the material and it won’t interfere with the general blog layout. So I guess that solves that mystery. You longtimers may recall I argued with myself for probably literal years over whether to do screenshots as a separate page or to include them with the filmography. There. Sorted.

I am sorry to note that I will probably remove the “love life” page. Might even remove the boat page. That’ll likely mean I fall in search rankings. Oh well. I am not making any real moral pronouncement about those things, I’m just not sure where they will fit into the rearranged sitemap. Plus, well, they don’t really help anything at this point. Me writing about Rory’s boat always gave a certain group of people conniptions, and we could never get the straight story about Rory’s love life either, not even the stuff that’s usually public for non-famous people. (Seriously. If someone you actually knew kept his marital status secret from you for years, wouldn’t that weird you out?) I’m at a point where I prefer to share stuff I can actually prove, since I’m wrong at least half the time with my speculations anyway. (Me guessing he’d end up on Instagram was a fucking unicorn, and then it was spoiled because I came up with it after he’d already started his account there, which at the time I didn’t know yet, but of course what the fuck does that look like? DAMN YOU, McCANN. 🤪) I can’t see how me dropping the bullshit speculation will take anything away from this site but its search ranking. I can live with that.

Still pondering the whole “administrivia” thing. It’s possible I will keep that feature but much more subdued. But jury’s still out.

Okay. I’m now sitting here staring at this thinking Was there something else I wanted to add? Never mind. Onward!

Addendum to previous

They have updated Rory’s photo at his agent’s site.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Ah, yes. The photo I tried to draw THREE SEPARATE TIMES. One of these days I’ll do it. I don’t have a good setup or a good mindset for it yet.

Here’s one of my attempts. It’s long gone. I threw it away or I set it on fire — I did a lot of trash-burning while I stayed with my dad. Normal for South Louisiana, and actually kind of cathartic (not Rory’s drawing specifically, but other stuff I made gone). But enough about that. Drawing. Here.

I actually want to do the other one of him making the silly face, too, so I have the pair. Maybe one day.

P.S. Edited to add. I am not sure when it happened, but Rory’s Instagram is blue-checked now.

Of course people are going to say “well, any idiot can get a blue check now.” No pleasing people.