Administrivia: 28 February 2022

Heads up: this site’s going to disappear for real for a little bit, unless I can make miracles happen today.

I don’t think I have quite let it sink through my thick skull, the situation I am currently in. I am adjusting or else I couldn’t function most of the time, but I still have these moments where I don’t take my budget seriously enough. It’s like my brain is still in the mode of “oh well, there will be more.” No there won’t, not unless I put it there. Do yourselves a favor, ladies. Don’t ever depend on a guy. The longer you do it the more it’ll ruin you. Anyway it’s not fair for him either, not that I care about being fair to Ex-House Male, but in general. There are lots of ways to earn even if you want to be home with kids. It’s OK if you do — I was, twice — just don’t become a kid yourself. Find one or more ways to earn, and have your own money. And guard it like your life depends on it, because it does. Even good men gain disabilities or die.

Long story short I thought I had paid for the next month of hosting already, turns out I hadn’t and then I ran out of money. I want to know what I was smoking when I wasn’t looking, too, because the charge wasn’t even for the same website — I have another hosting service that’s still holding a few domain names (haven’t moved them yet, keep meaning to) and that’s what the charge went to. Ugh. I’m not sorry I paid that bill, I just wish I’d also paid attention and not let my brain go “okay, that’s the hosting paid for the month”.

Anyway. Unless things go horribly wrong tomorrow I should have the site back up then. Or at least paid for, and they’ll take it back live whenever they get around to it. It’s weird, I got a lot of things done over the weekend and was so proud of myself until I realized I’d left a couple really important things off. I swear I’d leave my own skull on my pillow every day if it weren’t attached to the rest of me.

Also, I have exported the WordPress file to my laptop. Even if something goes horriblyhorriblyHORRIBLY wrong and I never get the service back up before they delete all my shit, I still have the domain name until late April — just before the big man’s birthday, in fact — and I could do something insane like go back to my old hosting service which is much less per month. I don’t really want to after the way they let all sorts of hackers break into the service and mess things up, but if I were desperate, I could. We’ll see. I at least won’t have to start the site all over again from nothing. At worst, I’ll have to re-upload photos. Big whoop.

Administrivia: 14 February 2022

Oh lord, it’s THAT day again. πŸ™„

Over the years it became more of a kids’ holiday for me, but hey, let’s have a little Valentine’s Day fun.

First up, this gem from Being Scottish:

Scottish Valentine's Day

If you have ever wondered: Much of this is written in the Scots language*. If you ever read the DCI Daley novels by Denzil Meyrick, he uses a lot of Scots in his character dialogues.

Second up, how many of you remember these? I posted these to the Instagram back in ’20.

Rory McCann Valentine #1

Rory McCann Valentine #2

Rory was saying “I love you” in Egg Language, a language he and his sister invented as kids, for a video interview with People magazine back eight years ago. It’s pretty interesting the way it just rolls off his tongue. I’ve been wondering for a while just how many languages the man knows, or at least can speak at tourist level. (I know he picked up at least a little bit of Icelandic.) I saw his sister use Egg Language in writing once, and she didn’t seem quite as at ease with it, or maybe she was just in a hurry.

And finally, because being the inventors of sex was apparently not enough, Scotland claims St. Valentine:

The little known Scottish church that is said to house the bones of St Valentine


Okay then. Unless someone’s got Rory all ready for me tied up in a bow (a blue silk ribbon will do 😎), I must dash. Got places to go, people to do, and things to see. Wait, that’s not right. Uh. Strike that. Reverse it. Buh-bye for now.

*There is a lot of debate, much of it drawn along socio-economic class lines, over whether Scots is a language or a dialect. Most actual experts seem to believe it is a language; both it and English derive from Middle English. I think of the relationship between the two as sort of similar to the differences between Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. I could possibly make a comparison with Hindi vs. Urdu as well, but I think those two languages are much less differentiated. (As I understand it, they’re both the Hindustan language, but… politics. πŸ™„)

Administrivia: 11 February 2022

Update on the move: It’s been weird. I have this whole backstory that involves my life having also blown up in 1999 and I ended up in a weekly rate motel then, too. The place I’m staying in now is a good bit nicer, though I think it’s a one-star motel and deserves to be. (That should tell you something about my 1999 digs. At least there were no rats or visible roaches?) This time I just have me to worry about, not me and an almost-three-year-old son, so it’s much less scary. I have still had my moments though. So today, when things looked like they were finally going right, I ended up in a better mood a bit out of proportion to what was actually going on. At this point I’m just hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train, and we’ll leave it at that.

Long story short, I may end up with a job by the end of this month and perhaps an apartment by the end of next month or possibly in April. I am earning right now, it’s just not what we in the States call a W-4 gig, and the earnings are not consistent at all.

Let’s put it this way: If you order restaurant delivery, please tip your driver. And SHOVEL AND SALT YOUR DAMN WALK. Jesus FUCK. I didn’t even get the worst of it from a private residence, though I came close. Oh no, I almost broke my damn wrist when my feet flew out from under me at Taco Bell. What the hell are you people DOING with all those profits? You know the Northeast and part of the Midwest got slammed by that winter storm — CLEAN UP!

grumble grumble grumble

It’s much better today, though.

Along with the general theme of today going really well by comparison to everything else lately: Got another Google Alert about Rory. The Google Alerts have been a mixed bag ever since his voice-acting gig was announced. For some reason, all the Scottish tabloids felt it was important to the future of humanity that we were all reminded of Rory’s late-nineties Scotts Porage Oats gig. I love a tall hairy man in a kilt as much as the next red-blooded heterosexual American woman does, but tell me something new. Anyway, the other stuff in the alerts has been about the voice-acting gig, mainly.

As with this.





ahem. Okay.

Also, if you are not familiar with this franchise — I’m not — here’s what Rory’s character looks like:

Duke Vedmire

So now I’m having flashbacks of this guy too:



Other randomness:

1. I’d love to know where people are finding these random candids of Rory. He seems to have attended a wedding or two in recent years as well. Naturally people are wondering if one of them was his. You know where I stand on this, though he also may have married since that scandal broke, for all we know. Anyway, yeah. Anyone who knows the big man and shares snaps of him online should just count on them being stolen and passed around. Hope you’re okay with that. I have no room to talk, anyway. (Sorry, Mr. Bennie. But thank you for sharing it!)

2. As with the whole notion that Rory lives on a boat, I’m beginning to question the Rory-lore that Rory spends a lot of time alone. Funny how he keeps turning up places and partying with people. But I also don’t know how often he does that versus going off by himself, of course. I just really get the notion that he’s gotten wind of what we all say about him and, where the rumor encourages people to leave him the fuck alone, he is happy to let it stand. He certainly gave enough signs when he used to be more candid in interviews that all the off-screen attention had caught him off guard.

He also gives me the impression that one of the reasons he likes to go drinking is it serves as social lubricant. My dad was the same way. Very not social, but let him get a good buzz going and he got almost gregarious. Sound familiar?

I can’t talk. The only time I’ll dance in a club is when I’m drunk. Ha ha ha.

(I haven’t been in a club, bar, or pub in a long time, not counting one afternoon when I went for a Diet Coke with another martial-arts mom because I knew I’d be driving my kid home and I’m a lightweight, and that was still at least four years ago. Not likely to go again unless I’m traveling to certain areas of the world, either.)

3. Can people pay more attention to the photos they share instead of saying stupid shit? One lady posted a pic of Rory with a woman, probably a fan (the way things are going, I don’t think he’d willingly pose with a partner for anyone outside his inner circle — and you can bet no one is sharing those where fans will find them, if such exist), and they were standing really close together, as tends to happen, and the comments were all like “omg he’s so SKINNY!”

Okay, first off? He got bullied for being skinny when he was little. Maybe he got over it and maybe he didn’t; he seems to have more than a bit of Scots machismo and isn’t likely to ‘fess up, so we’ll just have to wonder. Doesn’t mean it’s nice to remind him. He does still have a slender build but it’s more like Skinny Kid Morphs To Dad Bod. Cuddly without being fat. I’d snuggle up to that, for sure. (I would also snuggle up to a fat guy, and have. Just saying.) Don’t diss my dude. He already gets endless comments about his height and every bloody thing else.

But secondly, the woman he was standing with was wearing a light-colored top and Rory a dark one, black if I remember correctly or maybe navy blue. At a glance maybe he looked like he’d gotten emaciated… in the torso, his face still looks completely normal. So yeah, it was an optical illusion, that’s all. Maybe all the commenters were on their phones and the sun was shining? I don’t know, but a closer look would have told them what was going on. Make the effort next time, ladies. You’re already wasting time commenting on a celebrity’s body, so take that extra thirty seconds. Thanks.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Hopefully will do some work on the site soon, when I’m not so much in crisis mode. Ta.

Administrivia: 02 February 2022

Okay then! I’m in a weekly-rate motel for now til I get things sorted. I realized before I left Ohio that I could make pretty good money doing gig work, so that’s what I’ll be doing as a buffer until I get a Real Job(tm) or finish my proofreader training, whichever comes first

[yes, yes, I know, I do not employ perfect grammar or punctuation here and I likely misspell things on occasion because that particular talent of mine seems to be slipping — no jokes about American spellings, either, y’all British types out there — but I view this as more of a casual conversation rather than formal writing, so]

but it’s going to be much more likely the Real Job(tm) as, even when I’m done with the training, it’ll take a while to pick up enough clients. Probably.

We are getting hit with a big storm here in Ohio, apparently, though from what I understand, chances are we won’t get the worst of it right here where I am. Plus I’m waiting for a couple other things to fall into place, so I’ll likely be taking downtime tomorrow and getting myself sorted. A little laundry, a little more moving things into this room, etc., unless what I’m waiting for falls into place early and the weather looks reasonable.

Oh, and Rory’s my roomie. 😎 The box I put his framed autographed pic into for travel is in the other chair across the table from me. I thought about actually taking him out and putting him on display, but I am very not trusting of the general direction of my life at the moment, and I’d rather be able to stick him back into the car again in a hurry.


…okay, enough of that.

Looked over the visitor stats again, as I do from time to time. It is pretty safe to say that a LOT of Rory’s fans want to know his relationship status! Come on now, my dude… we don’t have to know her name! We just want to know if there IS a “her.” Or a “him”… can’t see it, personally, but we should never assume. I stopped believing random Instagram “experts” on the subject a long damn time ago. You’re the only real expert on this question — well, and she is, if there’s a “her.” Let’s have it!

It would certainly make better news than recycled Porage Oat Man stories, that’s for sure.

Although if you could ever persuade Scott’s Porage Oats to release HD versions of their ad campaign with you, I think you’d just about make my entire LIFE. I doubt I am speaking only for myself, either.

up yer kilt!


Anyway. Stuff to do. Just peeking in. Hi!

Note: Rory McCann and Casino Royale

Hang on, one additional bit for today.

I was going through recent posts and saw the bit about Rory auditioning for Casino Royale, so decided to google it real quick to see if anything came up. There’s a fan site for, I guess, James Bond stuff and they had an article about it.


Scuttlebutt is that this is just MI6-HQ’s opinion and possibly unsubstantiated, but who knows, really? That said, this was from back in ’05, so trying to track down what was actually going on is likely to be well-nigh impossible at this point. Well… except here’s someone sort of corroborating it, but for all I know it’s the same writer and a different blog. That can happen.

Just saw a message board discussing it and one person said, “that no name Scottish actor looks the part, definitely.” Hahaha, I wonder if they remember writing that now.

Jeez, though. I had no idea it was that close! Poor Rory. Daniel Craig was such a departure from the Bond mold, and I say this as someone who only casually knows anything about the franchise at all.