Administrivia: 28 September 2021

Have not set up internet at the house yet, though am zeroing in on a strong possibility of a solution. Am a mite irritated as I’d thought we could get DSL out here (I need to look a little harder at that, but it did not pop up easily in search results when I was searching up possibilities in a general sense, not a good sign) and it’s looking like I may be stuck with one of the new wifi-based providers instead, but we’ll see how that all falls out.

Phone data access is intermittent and I usually have to be on the back porch for it, and even then it’s hit and miss and my other option is going into town, which most days I don’t do.

It’s nice to be home, though, and to have some breathing room, and to be getting some decent sleep for once.

Meanwhile! All my drama with the internet thing meant I knew about this a few days ago but hadn’t gotten around to posting about it yet: Rory has a new B&O ad out.

I had been hoping he’d get more voice work, but I can’t help cracking a smile at this latest trend in his career. Rory McCann is basically, like, the least domesticated man I know of and this makes him look like he’s gone all homebody. It’s not totally out of character. He’s a woodworker, he builds and renovates things sometimes. But it still hits me a little funny.

Speaking of funny. I have one room in Dad’s little place. Previously in Ohio I had had Rory’s autographed pic set up on its own shelf across my bedroom. Here, before I set up a shelf, it had taken up residence on my bedside table. It is a straight line of sight from the kitchen all the way down the hall into my bedroom and there’s my bedside table, and sometimes I left the lamp on. So Dad wanted to know who the man was and why there was a note addressed to me. He’s not into fantasy TV and there are scenes in GOT I wouldn’t watch with him in the room in any case… but I’m thinking about trying Slow West on him, as he likes Westerns. That should be interesting.

Okay. Sorry I can’t be more fascinating right now. We’ll see if I can do some more stuff with the site soon. I can think of something that shouldn’t be too onerous and can mostly be prepped offline. Good times.

Administrivia: 24 September 2021

I’m here.

Did not leave at 7pm Monday as I had hoped, and no one should be surprised. It took me a lot longer than 15 hours to make the trip, too. I can’t decide how much of my road sleepiness was my brain simply not cooperating with my self-scheduled down time and how much was simply a function of my age (I was a spring chicken by comparison the last time I drove anywhere like that far overnight: 22.5 years younger, in fact) but, either way, I did the last thing I wanted to do and got a motel room in Alabama. Nothing against Alabama, I wouldn’t have wanted a motel room anywhere. I wanted to just drive the drive and get it over with. But it’s all good. I didn’t die, didn’t kill anyone else, and got home.

I’m in fairly regular touch with my kiddo, thank you internet. She and her dad have some things to figure out. I doubt they would have figured them out with me still there and I was fed up with his crap in any case. And it turns out my dad actually needs me, which he was too proud to admit before I got down here, so this really was the best-case scenario for everyone.

I thank the internet but actually it’s pretty bad where we are; I get phone service, kind of, but data’s very spotty unless I go into town. But we know people who are out in the boonies like us and get online so I’ll find out what’s up and make choices accordingly. I need a connection for work anyway.

Meanwhile there are hummingbirds.

Did you know that hummingbirds fight???

It’s ridiculously adorkable.

I also get to look forward to this for supper.

Cajun sausage!

New Orleans people and outsiders call this pork andouille. We southwestern prairie Cajuns, having had the French sufficiently beaten out of us a couple generations back, just call it sausage.

First time I heard what was in haggis I thought, Oh, so like boudin then. Our boudin is not like boudin in France, it’s rice and pork or seafood in a casing. No lungs, but that’s not legal here anyway. Oh my god is it good.

Actually if it weren’t for the hot weather, mosquitoes, and lack of mountains, I think Rory might really dig it here. It’s nice and quiet. The people are friendly. There’s lots of outdoor stuff to do. Including boating.

And there are hummingbirds.

Administrivia: 19 September 2021

Checking in again. Still in Ohio but with a definite ETA on leaving. Is it an ETA when you’re leaving? Course it isn’t, but what abbreviation/acronym/whatever would you use? Dunno, so we’ll just run with that. (For those who might not know: it stands for Estimated Time of Arrival. Heard it a lot in the Army, as I was medical admin and sometimes processed hospital transfers.) Leave time is around 7pm local time Monday evening. My dad keeps early hours, so I don’t want to go arriving at his place at like 1am when he tends to go to bed at 7pm. Sometimes he’s awake, but just as often he’s not. ANYWAY, Google tells me that if I drove straight without stopping, it’d be just over a 15-hour trip. You know and I know I will not drive without stopping. Got to fill the tank if nothing else. Car is not the only traveler in this scenario with a tank to fill, either. I’ll need to eat at least once. And I don’t have an exhaust pipe so I’ll be stopping for other reasons. Really the only issue will be if I need a nap. I used to be a fucking road warrior about driving interstate, but the last time I did anything like that was in 2002. I’m 47, my sleep is weird, and who knows what’ll happen. I will not be scared to stop and take a nap if that’s what it comes to.

But! I ACTUALLY SAT DOWN AND PLOTTED THIS OUT. I have a general idea of when I want to be awake until I leave and when I will try to sleep to get ready to drive all night. So I am making myself pull an all-nighter on purpose because I’m going to Half Price Books and Goodwill later. I’ve already been a regular seller at HPB in the past few weeks, but it’s becoming kind of urgent now. I simply cannot take along three bookshelves’ worth of books. It’s not happening. As it is I have a strong suspicion I’ll have to choose between my books and my rocking chair. This rocking chair is older than me and I’m pretty sure my mom rocked me in it when I was a baby. Well, if I have to go BACK to HPB with almost everything left I am fucking DOING it. I want anything I leave behind — and I will leave some things behind — to be things I won’t want to come back for later.

I mean, I could come back here at some point, but it won’t be for House Male, it’d be for my kid. If I never set foot in this house again it’ll be too soon. Oh, don’t get me started. I overshare anyway, but my brain going “reeeeeeeeeee” with the last-minute stress and tiredness has really cranked it up to 11. Sorry.

Caffeine and sheer bitchery, y’all! Caffeine and sheer bitchery.

Oh and I still have some Highland Park left. Just enough for one last drink and then the bottle’s empty. I have enough Balvenie to hold me over for a while if Dad doesn’t find it, and with any luck he doesn’t like “Scotch.” (Sorry, Rory.) I will need to seek out who’s selling the good stuff when I get down there. There is something of a Scots-Irish population, especially in the northern half of the state, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Cities will be a better bet. I mean to run over to Lafayette from time to time anyway so I might as well make the trip count.

Anyway I think I’ll have the HP just before I go to bed. A daycap, as it were. I’ll hit the hay around noon.

Am I procrastinating? Maybe. I have this entire mess on my bed right now and am dreading sorting through it. Why do I have so much crap? Going into my new residence, wherever that winds up being, I need to be a bit more minimalist.

Okay. Enough babble. Here. More Rory.

Rory remembers GOT

awwwww I wanna smooch that face.

…That’s the exhaustion talking.

Yeah. That’s the ticket.


Administrivia: 17 September 2021

Checking in with an update. I’m still in Ohio. The reason I’m still in Ohio is I’ve lived here for most of twenty years and I have a lot of (mostly material) crap to deal with — surprisingly, getting rid of a lot of things. I also need to transfer some things and close some other things. It all takes time. For instance, I’ll have to close my credit union account since credit union membership is usually LOCAL, so even though I would still have access to internet banking from down South, I wouldn’t fit the criteria to be a member anymore. But I found this entirely “virtual” bank setup with an app for my phone that’ll suit my purposes til I can find another brick-and-mortar, and the card just arrived yesterday evening. Wasn’t going to close the CU account until then, and now I can. And having the debit card means I can also get even more stuff done.

Guesstimate is that I’ll leave Monday or Tuesday, probably late in the day just after rush hour to drive all night. Reason: It’s a fifteen-hour trip and I don’t want to drive all day only to get to Dad’s at like 11pm when I know he’s often in bed by 7pm. (He turns seventy this year. Older people have weird sleep cycles.) I can stay up all night easy if I get ready ahead of time. I have a few days to do that. I am absolutely certain I will be out of here by the 22nd, because something unpleasant is going to happen that day and I have determined I will not still be here in town when it does. I am done being put into humiliating situations, and I’m pretty sure I surprised the person who was about to put me into one. Again. Or he’s putting on a very good act, we’ll put it that way.

But I have to get up at a reasonable hour for a couple things later today (I’m up late, not up early), so I’m off to bed in a few. I’ll start in with the night-owl shit soon.

This will be me when I finally get to the other end next week:

iz ded

Fifteen hours on the interstate powered by caffeine and sheer bitchery. And then… boom. Stah cruisah KRESH! I am not used to these huge road trips anymore…

Administrivia: 10 September 2021

Okay, time to get real with y’all. I mentioned in the previous post that I’m relocating. To give you an idea of what’s coming up I’m going to reveal some things about myself. Nothing earth-shattering, but stuff I would hardly have considered sharing just a year ago.

So, I may have mentioned in some incarnation or another of this website that I am in the Rust Belt region of the United States. To be more specific, I am in Columbus, Ohio. I will now be moving to south Louisiana, where the bulk of my closest family lives.

The reason I am bringing this up is so that if things really slow down at this site beyond my usual taking forever to get anything simple done, it is because south Louisiana is part of the Deep South (oh hey, Rory… heard you’re interested in the Deep South… there I be, very soon!), the poorest region in the United States outside of certain Native reservations, AND the place my family is from is in the heart of a region informally referred to as Acadiana, which is mostly rural. Is the lightbulb going on yet? Bet it is. They do have cable internet and DSL internet in many places there. I do not know how extensive the availability is. They also have cell phone access — again, I do not know how extensively available it is. Between one and the other and the other thing, I will be online from time to time, BUT, I do not know how often or consistently I can be online. And a lot of my online-time may be communicating with my kid (who is almost 17 and needs to stay where job and school opportunities will be thickest) much more than building anything website-y per se, at least in the beginning. I don’t know yet for sure how that will go, but I thought I had better manage expectations ahead of time.

Let’s put it this way. 20 years ago I was staying with my dad down there, right? You had to dial long-distance to get onto dial-up internet from where he lived. The one exception to that was America Online and lemme tell ya, I held my damn nose when I signed up for that because I thought I’d long outgrown it. BOO! And in ’06 when I stayed there, there was cell phone reception, but it was not everywhere yet. I have reason to believe that has all improved, given how many people local to my dad (who still lives in the same area) are on Facebook now, so I’m not exactly pessimistic, but in case I overestimate how good the situation is, I want to prepare you all.

When’s the moving date? That’s not set yet: I can say “September something,” but that’s it so far. I’m undergoing a massive purge of unnecessary property (18 Doctor Who tshirts, y’all… tsk) and waiting for some issues to resolve before I go any further. For example, I am changing up my banking to be more portable, so I’m waiting for a debit card before I can close down some other stuff. But I anticipate I will be out of here well before the 22nd, when a stupid thing is going to be happening that was just going to turn my life on its damn ear. I am done with my life being turned on its ear by other people, and one person in particular [glares in House Male’s general direction], so this time I’m getting proactive.

The good news is that the job market is a job seeker’s market at the moment and this time, I’ll have a car so it should be pretty straightforward to get myself set up. Which means that at some point I’ll likely be in some small town with access to cable internet or DSL. And then it’ll be my party.

I will say that although there has been a lot I’ve liked about living in the city (I will REALLY miss the library system, and will probably hold on to my account for as long as they let me just so I can check out e-books!), I’ve also absolutely hated how one must have money to spend in order to maintain any sort of social life, and I’ve particularly hated the way my life has stayed stagnant all these years in other ways because everyone thought I was married to House Male. I wanted to be there for my kid as she was growing up, and would have had to work around House Male’s workaholic schedule had I landed a job, so I stayed home. And with no family nearby I just kind of… stayed isolated. I’m no extrovert, but it was horrible. I don’t think I will know what to do with myself when every other person I run into is my cousin’s sister’s uncle’s best friend from second grade going “How’s yer mom an’ em?” It will be AWESOME, I think.

I’m so ready for things to get better, y’all. It wasn’t living in a tent with an Icelandic winter coming on, but I feel like my life has been one huge misadventure for 22 years. Like being buried alive. No more! Onward.


And, for a bit of Rory-related news: I had one of Those Moments reading the Google alerts. Thought for sure I was going to hear about an upcoming new role. Nope. It was some dumb article about the guy who played the big bad in the second Jumanji movie, and Rory was mentioned in the article because he became the next big bad. Oh, come ON, Google. Oh well…

Postscript: Thursday was so fucked up for me that I forgot to post this. Its almost 5am Friday and no, I didn’t stay up this whole time. Long story, not important, it’d just be nice if people would stop acting fucking psychotic in my immediate vicinity…