Administrivia: 31 August 2021

This update’s purely for fun.

Remember me posting this on Facebook? We all got a good giggle out of it.

The intro and the first couple verses especially.

Wait, hold on, what? Did they mention a butt?

You mean this one?

Bruce who?

I still can’t get over that. He has a better ass than The Boss.

Sorry, Rory.

No, I’m not. At least one of us has a nice ass.

I’m working on my homepage currently, as in “my home on the world wide web,” because it has been sorely neglected for years. But I keep hopping back and forth from this to that to the other thing. And I looked in on one file folder and I found these two images right next to one another in the list.

This one first:

" die here."

Then this one, right after:

"...You live here???"

It’s a shot from Solomon Kane. McNess is saying to Kane, “…You LIVE here???”

(Rory was wasted in that movie. I don’t think the writers quite knew what they wanted to do with McNess. Fucking shame. I would LOVE to see Rory in more comedic roles. Love a man who makes me laugh.)

Just a funny little juxtaposition in my cluttered-up files.

Oh, and you know that image of him sitting on the beach reading his book in between takes of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage? Yeah… I found that book on Amazon. Debating whether to get it. It’s part of a two-book series, and the first book can be had in softcover for like five cents, and the second is not insanely-priced either. They are about a family living on a sailboat. I know of three book franchises Rory has read and liked that I also like, so at this point I’m basically unafraid to try something else he’s been caught reading. I wouldn’t necessarily like everything he does, but being curious about what he does like is, shall we say, a more focused approach to finding new things to read than just closing my eyes, spinning in a circle three times, and throwing a dart at the shelves in the middle of the public library.

Also less likely to get me arrested.

This really is not a good time for it.

I still have another thing I want to grab but I have not emailed the source yet to see if it’s all together or if there are pieces missing. If there are pieces missing then there’s no point getting the thing because guaranteed the piece with Rory in it will be part of what’s missing. Story of my fucking life.

Okay. This has become about distracting myself from what I was actually doing. Back to it. Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

Addendum to previous


I am not in bed yet, no.

I was just looking at the visitor traffic stats.

First off, who the heck keeps visiting from Not Puerto Rico? It’s like, it’s Puerto Rico? But then it’s also Washington, DC or some other mainland location at the same IP address. Are some of you using IP masking? I mean, go ahead if you want, just be aware it’s parsing REALLY weirdly and maybe you might want to ask for a refund.

Okay. That aside.


I have NO idea who. I just know they’re in Irvine.


It’s probably nothing. Dammit, it’s probably nothing. I AM GONNA GET EXCITED ANYWAY. I don’t have enough good excitement in my life right now.

Okay. Now I am going to bed for reals. Holy shit, I did not want to fall back into bad habits…

Administrivia: 29 August 2021

Remember how Rory was going to attend Comic Con Scotland in 2019 and then didn’t, citing having to “work on his acting career,” but agreed to a private autograph session as a substitute and then proceeded to write his poor lovely hand off for something like 200 to 300 autographs?

The company behind the autographs claimed that they would photograph every single autograph signing as another proof of authenticity. Fucking good thing too because they never sent me my certificate.

I always meant to go back through and see if I could tell he was signing mine, but had never gotten around to it.

Well… I finally went through.

Rory McCann signing my autograph


This is also from that same print he was autographing above, and he’s written the first letter of my first name. There were quite a few like that, so he didn’t exactly sign 300 autographs but it was a lot. Poor big man. Poor lovely hands.

Rory McCann starting my autograph

And lovely eyes. And lovely basically everything, SIGH.

I thought he looked tired when I first saw these pics and I still do, and it’s not a criticism — whatever prompted him to back out of the con, he did go more or less out of his way to make the fans happy despite all that and I truly do appreciate it. I hope someone took good care of his hand afterward, though. Grrr.

Also, I am in that weird place of recognizing parts of his wardrobe, like I can tell when he’s wearing his Hound audition shirt, and then there’s this blue denim-looking button-down thing I sometimes see him in, and he’s in that here. I am way too familiar with a man I’ve never met. I’m sure it would creep him out. I’m so sorry, my dude. I mean nothing nefarious by it.

(Also, we wear the exact same style of reading glasses. I wonder if he got his in a five-pair-for-cheap deal from Amazon like I got mine. It wasn’t on purpose, I just saw a price I liked and knew I wouldn’t get by with just one pair. Now I’m looking at him going “wait a minute.” Hahahahaha.)

I kind of wish I’d had more lead time in which to send him something truly individual, or that I could have thought of something clever to ask him to write. Considering that most of his autographs in this session were just his name, though, I didn’t make out too badly in the end. If I ever get another chance, and I won’t, hopefully I’ll have some actual illustrations I’ve done lined up as possible candidates to send. Stranger things have happened. I just don’t think it’s terribly likely. I think the whole fandom thing has plumb wore him out.

No I didn’t make any special effort to censor out my name from the photo. Oh wah, you can see my first name. Whoopty-doo.

I will most probably get both of these printed when I get the chance. I’m getting a lot of my digital photos printed to paper anyway, because having them digital-only makes me really itchy. I don’t want to lose Younger Kiddo’s entire childhood. So, one of these days I’ll get that sorted. His can go into little frames on my Rory shelf. Yes, I have a Rory shelf. Yes, there is probably something very wrong with me. Hahahahaha. But I can find all my Rory stuff, so there’s that.

Okay. It’s almost 4am. I need to get my ass to bed. And the rest of me too, or the sleep won’t do me any good. Le sigh.

Administrivia: 27 August 2021

I did some more poking around on Instagram last night, curious to see whether a certain status quo was still in place and I am sorry to say it is not.

Back in January 2020, the week of my birthday, to kick off a WONDERFUL year…

my plans vs 2020

…Rory’s sister stopped following the Instagram for this site. Poof. Gone.

If you haven’t seen the following stills, that’s Sally-Gay on the right. I know because Lena Heady originally posted this, and because she linked to Sally’s IG at the time, and Sally herself had a userpic up for a short time of herself helping Rory with his costume for the Cleganebowl scene and she was wearing the exact same hairstyle and shirt. Simple enough to figure out.

Lena Headey, somebody, and Sally-Gay McCann

Sally had started following me about a month after I began the account, and it mystified me because I hadn’t even put up a pic of Rory yet, and she was following big accounts like Hound’s Lair and I was like, “okay, why me?” but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I didn’t announce it, I didn’t message her, I just moved on with things.

I was sad when she went poof though.

And then I was looking at Marina Friend’s IG one day some amount of time after that, and somehow something clicked and I realized Sally was still on IG but not under the same name. I won’t say what her “new” tag was, and I’m not clear whether she simply changed her account name or started all the way over with a new one. Either way, I could tell it was her by some of the userpics she used, which incorporated her kids, who are little gingers (well, at least one of them) and sort of stick out like a sore thumb even if I couldn’t pick them out in a lineup. There was another way I figured it out but, on the off chance I was one of the rare birds who caught that detail and she might try the tactic again later, I’m keeping mum on that one.

And she was there for a while under that account name, but now she’s gone. If she’s still mutually following Marina Friend, she is very well-disguised. I haven’t figured it out, for sure.

If I’m given to rank speculation, and you bet your ass I am, I could guess she’s gotten off IG entirely because work has her busy or for some other reason, or maybe she just decided IG wasn’t as fun as she’d hoped it would be or maybe other Rory fangirls had found her and weren’t being polite and leaving her the fuck alone. The woman’s got kids yet to raise and doesn’t need to be left constantly fearing for her own safety, y’all. I want to believe she’s simply busy, but I’ve seen Rory fangirls at their less-than-best so I’m gonna leave that an open-ended question.


It occurs to me sometimes that I could probably leverage my status as owner of an unofficial fan site to ask questions of people who know Rory or even, perhaps, to arrange some sort of interview with Big himself via his agent.

I’ve thought about it.

So far, I’m really not feeling it.

Hard to explain. On some level it’s an emotional issue: to wit, I am a gigantic chickenshit. Bawk-bawk-fuckin’-bawk. On some other level, though, I feel like people have already asked the important questions of Rory-as-an-actor, and that’s likely all we’re going to get out of him. Whatever he’s wanted to say, he’s said. Unless he decides he wants to do an autobiography at some point I don’t see how we’re going to get much more out of him; I’m not sure what we’d even want to get out of him. “What was your favorite color at age seven?” Please. No.

(It was probably blue or green. Just a guess.)

Even if something’s changed like, say, what he’s looking for in a woman, because I know a lot of us wonder about that? (Don’t front. You know you do.) That’s problematic. I mean, what the fuck are you going to do with that information even if he shares it: pretend to be someone you’re not? Either you fit the criteria or you don’t, and isn’t that really for him to figure out, if he isn’t married or involved already (jury’s still out on that one, far as I’m concerned, until he speaks up one way or the other)? You already know (or believe) you like him. Give the dude some space.

That or anything else I could possibly want to learn about him at this point would be on the level of getting to know him on a private basis as a person. That has a 99% chance of never, ever happening.

So we’re just going to continue like this for a while and see how things go.

Anyway, any time anything major happens in his career he winds up interviewed by like 20 different outlets and they all ask him the same 10 questions. It becomes so predictable that you can tell he’s rehearsed some sort of banter to insert in moments of awkward silence. I’ll just keep an eye out and incorporate that stuff here. Really not a big deal. I think I’ve mentioned before that I collect, I do not “scoop.” Life is easier that way.

…Okay, I have stuff to do and I’ve wasted enough of this week. I’m down to the “bonus” episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead and then I’ll start in on The Book Group and probably regrab the screencaps, as the image quality should be somewhat improved. I still haven’t figured out exactly what I will do with the screencaps I already have but I’m leaning in the direction of “put my favorites here, however I organize them, and then create zip files containing all the caps per episode or film to offer on Google Drive for free since I’m going to be outing myself anyway,” but that’s not a final decision and surely has its own drawbacks. We’ll see. There are days I wish I’d kept the IG up… but so far, they’re not that compelling. Oh well.

Administrivia: 26 August 2021

I was fiddling around on Instagram just now when I stumbled across the account of one Carol Smillie. (That’s the correct spelling. Straight from her social media accounts.) Most Americans will read that and go,”…okay?” Those of you in the UK may be smiling and nodding along. Weegies in particular.

You know her from TV presenting, if you know of her at all, but did you know another interesting little tidbit about her?

Thundersoup reunion?

That’s right! She was one of the backup singers for Thundersoup! I had seen claims in that vein around social media, and this Twitter conversation in the screenshot confirms it.

There’s another interesting coincidence here. If you have seen The Book Group then you’ve likely seen the second episode where a young lady is a bit too interested in Kenny… to the point that she licks his face.

Excuse me a mo’.

Okay. Back.

ANYWHO, while the character was a piece of work, the actress seems super nice. She even commented on the Facebook page when that was a thing.

AND, getting back to Carol Smillie, both she and this lady became wedding officiants.

Peculiar thing to have in common, but there you go.

I wonder if Rory ever still talks with either of them…