Administrivia: 29 April 2021

Guess what happened to ME last night.

No. Didn’t meet the big man. Had another insomnia episode.

[weeps quietly]

Fuck middle age.

No but seriously, the other reason I’m writing this in the early evening instead of at 4am is that I ran across something on Facebook that gave me a moment of, “See? This is why I need to be best friends with VETERAN MOUNTAIN-CLIMBER RORY McCANN so I can show him this shit and he can LAUGH AND LAUGH.” Because I would be that girlfriend crying halfway up, but only because I am so far out of shape they had to invent a whole new GEOMETRY for me, but that’s a solvable problem. Working on it. The expecting a fucking rest stop at the top of a mountain thing, maybe not so fixable. Where the fuck is this person from, Kensington? Is he posh? He’s fucking posh, right? Got to be.

“tHeRe iS a PuB oN mOuNt sNoWdOn” And if you dig around at the foot, you’ll find alien tech! Fuck’s sake. I wish they had as many emojis in WordPress as they do on my phone. I would be using ALL THE RUDE ONES right now.

Wait, but I haven’t shown it to you yet. HERE.

Very Steep and Too High

(For those going “What the fuck is this?”, Ben Nevis is a mountain in Scotland. And why do I get the feeling Rory’s been up it.)

“nO rEsTrOoM aT tHe tOp.” I am thinking back to my basic training days in the Army and hang on a sec, my eyeballs just rolled across the room.

Okay, got ’em.

For some reason, some Denver, Colorado-related page had shared this. Possibly relevant to the whole “Mile-High” thing and the Rocky Mountains and such. I can’t wait ’til it gets around to the Scotland-related pages. Much taking of the pish shall commence.

Anyway. Still gradually working my way through The Irregulars, still haven’t seen Rory again, have had a bombshell dropped about the sisters but it didn’t wholly surprise me. With my having not run into Rory again yet, there really isn’t much else to discuss without spoiling it all over the place.

So here is a Rory to make up for the lack of Rory.

Rory McCann at Jumanji: The Next Level's UK premiere, December 2019

Still fucking love that top on him, still think it makes him extra-cuddle-able. SIGH.

I may get some work here done tonight to keep myself awake. No promises. If I do, hopefully I don’t get stupid and fuck something up. We’ll see.

Administrivia: 28 April 2021

Well, I have still not gotten to the next Rory episode of The Irregulars. Part of the problem is I don’t watch my two episodes (this and The Walking Dead) every single night, but I’m also only getting that one episode per show every night. I tried the “bingeing” thing ages ago and it was all fine and dandy when I had more time at night to do it, but now I don’t, and I already stay up too late.

But! I did a thing unusual for me in that I went and looked at Rory’s tag on Instagram briefly, and someone else has gotten to that next episode and screenshot already. So I know we see him in Bedlam in his backwards dinner coat, bless his heart. Here is hoping they don’t kill the character off.

I’m thinking that the thing with the sort of plague mask/ bird head that Jessie keeps seeing in her dreams is not the Bird Master or a dream version of him but someone else entirely, so that may not be Rory in a mask. I will have to go back and look at IMDB when things have gotten far enough along that the cast list is accurate. We saw with that Jumanji movie he was in that the early version of the cast list sometimes isn’t accurate and can get edited a lot. Sooooo I may not be hanging on to Weird Bird-Mask Creature’s screencaps forever, depending on what I find out. Though it’s possible they had Rory dress as that critter even if it’s not Arthur or Arthur’s magical self per se. I mean, that sucka is tall. But is it Rory-tall or is it Typical-Monster-Actor-tall? We’ll have to see.


Also, I had gone back and watched the first episode with the subtitles on and that poor man, Rory’s character Arthur… I had wondered what was up with the wife after their daughter’s stillbirth. I knew she’d be grieving, that’s a no-brainer, but she was SO bloody there on the bed and her color was all wrong, but on the other hand she was sitting up, so I didn’t think twice about it. I figured maybe by some miracle, she might have made it. Nope. Arthur was talking to her when he used the Ouija board. So basically the staff of the ward where she had the baby were unkind in not letting Arthur see the baby’s body, and just left the mom to suffer and die because in those days they wouldn’t have known what else to do with her and hell, half the time obstetric staff are not kind to birthing mothers now. One wonders what is the use of an obstetric ward when one would obtain about as much kindness giving birth outside in a ditch, but never mind. (You might have guessed my two experiences could have been better. I am not alone. Ask tennis player Serena Williams about her fun experience sometime.) ANYWAY. So you have that unkindness and then you have the collective noun for ravens, an “unkindness.” So the title of that first episode was a pun, if a serious one.

I haven’t fully decided what I think of the show. I will say it’s compelling, and not just because I want to see Rory in it again. I can’t quite wrap my brain around the very modern music soundtrack, I very much doubt the UK had any black dukes in Victoria’s day, and they made Prince Leopold rather more handsome than he actually was in real life (yep… Victoria had a son named Leopold. Spoilers: He lived to age thirty), but it’s an interesting take on the whole Sherlock/ The Irregulars mythos. Considering I have never read the original books, and all that.

But I will say I rather prefer the characters in BBC’s Sherlock. Yeah yeah, I know. Whatever.

Off to bed! I might actually get there before 4am. We’ll see. Dun dun DUNNNNNN

[edit] So guess what happens now when someone searches “rory mccann girlfriend”?



I noticed it was a popular search term when looking at my Visitor Traffic plugin. Out of curiosity I went and looked it up. I guess this is new pressure to keep up with the info? I can’t promise anything though. I would need a direct line to the big man to have anything that I’d consider trustworthy and, well, I almost did once upon a time, but not quite.

But! If I ever do run across anything I think is valid, of course I’ll edit that page about his love life. I want pages like that to be current, not to have info on them from ten years ago that I never bothered following up. The point of this site is more collecting than scooping, but even I have my limits.

So we’ll see how that goes. And now I really AM going to bed. Ni ni y’all.

Administrivia: 25 April 2021

Reporting back on the Highland Park experiment: Yes, it is much nicer than Early Times, thank you very much. Smells absolutely delightful by comparison, for starters. Early Times is kind of sickly sweet. Not so pleasant. I will not say this particular HP is perfect. It’s like there’s this hollow place in the middle of the flavor. I can’t explain it any better than that. Eminently sippable, however. Nice for a little bit on a Saturday night, and that’s probably just how I’ll have it. Be interesting to see how long the bottle will last.

Am curious to try Balvenie, though obviously not one of the more expensive labels, and possibly Johnnie Walker. Not in a hurry to get around to them but I probably will before the year’s out.

How’d I have the HP? Well, we have one glass around here from the local coffee shop, ironically enough, so I’m not sure what it was intended for. House Male is a coffee snob, that’s all I can say. But it worked out nicely for whisky. Large bottom, smaller top. Bit like the Glencairn glasses I found on Amazon only those are narrower overall. Close enough though. And, had it neat. Didn’t add even a little bit of water, didn’t pour it “on the rocks.” I wanted to see how it would go as it is. Call me crazy. So often, at least this side of the pond, “Scotch” has a reputation of tasting like paint thinner. That’s one reason I didn’t want to start out with something cheap. This wasn’t expensive as Scotch goes, but it wasn’t garbage either.

Along with the Balvenie and Johnnie Walker I suppose I’ll try other “years,” if you want to call it that, of the Highland Park just to see how that goes but we’ll be talking more money and probably having to have it shipped. So I’m content to put that off a while. Years if need be. Possibly wait ’til I’m in an actual Scottish pub and don’t need to buy the whole damn bottle. Probably my wisest course.

As for the peatiness, my palate being utterly inexperienced* I can’t say for sure I caught it but I think I did. It’s smoky, but in this whisky it is not overbearing. I’ve heard of some where it possibly is, and that should be… interesting.

Raised my first glass to our dude because it’s his fault I’ve tried it. It’s nice to finally have him out on a shelf in a proper frame.

In other news, watched the second episode of The Irregulars and while it is possible Rory showed up in the Bird Master mask in Jessie’s nightmare near the end of the episode, haven’t seen his lovely mug pop back up yet uncovered. I don’t think I am going to worry much about screencaps if all he shows up in is the mask on an episode. But I also don’t think that’s what a certain friend of mine meant when she told me he was in a second episode, either. I’m thinking Bea and Jessie and the gang will be back to see Arthur, possibly visiting him in Bedlam (poor guy!), to try and figure out where the supernatural crap is getting into our world from. That or Arthur will get charged up and escape. Who knows.

But! Turns out my suspicions were correct and other people besides Arthur are using that fucking Ouija board, complete with Whisky Glass of Very Familiar Shape as the planchette**. So that might not have been Rory’s hands in the screencap I showed you. It is hard to tell with all that weird blue light going on and all it takes is someone having long fingers in a blurry photo to throw me off.

Oh well. More episodes to go, and we’ll see what we see. If I see him again, OBVIOUSLY I will share him here.

In still other news, the Visitor Traffic Pro, which I finally purchased a few weeks ago, isn’t much better than the free version but does let me look at a few things that I couldn’t see before as far as overall site stats. I don’t have any more detailed information about where people are hitting from but I can tell what all they look at when they do come here. That’s useful for me to suss out over time what, specifically, people look for when they go reading about Rory.

So far, people like to visit the site directly, they like to learn about how to find Rory (not that they learn much more than they already knew), and they want to know about Rory’s love life, which probably shouldn’t surprise me. Those are the top three.

Okay. Enough babble. It’s still kind of early (between 1 and 2am) so I may see what I can get up to before I finally decide it’s time to conk out.

*I am a finicky eater and drinker and, while this was a source of torment when I was a kid, surprisingly it comes in handy more often as an adult than I would have guessed. But we all still have to start somewhere.

**By the way, I did not have to look up the word “planchette.” I am not sure what that says about me.


52 today!

do what?

Relax, big man. You could pass for someone mid-30s to early 40s, easily. It’s no wonder Denzil Meyrick wants you for the DCI Daley role. You’ve definitely changed over time, but you haven’t changed that much. Mostly hairline, and that doesn’t seem to have affected much elsewise. I mean, I dated a guy 20-plus years ago who in his late 20s had less hair than you do now. If you feel bad about the hair thing, please don’t. I mean, look at you over time. Early thirties here:

mmm... Kenny's STILL my favorite

The year you turned fifty here:

Rory McCann out-smoldering Dr. "Smolder" Bravestone in Jumanji: The Next Level

Early forties here:

Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane, Game of Thrones s01e04, "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things"

I mean where do you keep the fucking portrait? It’s all that time outdoors. Got to be.

I hope you’re having a fabulous time this weekend, big man. Here’s to many more years feeling younger than your age.


I believe I mentioned something recently about acquiring some Highland Park, after hearing from another fan that it’s Rory’s favorite. Mission accomplished today, finally: the 12-year Viking label, which still tickles me because I swear Rory’s half-Viking anyway. Funnily enough I’ve been curious about whisky for a while, as I’ve been curious about many matters Scottish. So I went looking for recommendations for beginners. Guess what tends to turn up on the short list. If you’re also new and are curious about the peaty note you’ve heard about, HP is apparently a pretty good place to start. Apparently Balvenie is on the short list for beginners, too.

Funny they should mention Balvenie.

How do you teach a dog to sit?

I think it’s a pretty fair bet Rory likes it peaty.

I get the notion from some of the beginner stuff I’ve read that peaty’s often a bit much for beginners, so I am assuming nothing about how this will turn out. My feeling is that as long as it’s better than fucking Early Times, I’ll be in good shape, but who knows really.

Anyway! You didn’t come here to read about my potential whisky misadventures. Here’s one more birthday bit for Rory… literally… his friend from the band Texas got this video of him on his birthday about six years ago, I believe.

Here’s hoping his weekend this year is just as fun.

P.S. Recognize the shirt? Yeah, that’s his Hound audition shirt! I bet it’s become his new lucky shirt since.

The plot thickens

Do you remember me posting this from several days ago? I was going back through some recent stuff here and ran across it again.

“Oh,” says I. “I need to look into this, don’t I?”

Easily enough done. You type the exact sentences into Google, click Enter, and bazam. And so this came up.

Relevant quote:

Rory McCann took the Hound’s weapons to remember him by: “I’ve got his swords. Hanging up in my house, just above the door in case there’s any trouble. God help an unwanted visitor.” At present, McCann isn’t using them for anything in particular. “It’s not really looking good for the Hound at the moment,” he conceded. “So that’s why you grab the swords when you get the chance.”

And when was this posted? Oh… 26 July 2014. (Would have been probably around the time Arya left Sandor to die, hence Rory’s cryptic language.)

So, no. This is not a new development, and Rory didn’t get a house because he got married. That doesn’t mean he didn’t get married, though I outline here why I find that not terribly likely (only unlikely, not impossible), but if he did, he already had a house to take her home to, assuming he has not sold said house in the almost seven fucking years since this was posted.

But we know he was single that year, going on other evidence. And we know he was cited as docking in Ayrshire three years later. Could be he moved out of the house in that three years but who knows, really? Could he have been living in a house all that time but just using the boat when he wanted to travel somewhere coastal and have his own place to stay? You know, kind of like an aquatic RV (caravan). I’ve said before, I think (though it may not still be here), that living in a boat directly on the water (where else) in the middle of a Scottish winter can’t be all that warm, even with a peat fire.

Who knows. All I know is the info that blog shared recently wasn’t remotely up to date. I really wish people would stop doing this.

But! I have another article with Rory in it to add to the Articles page now. When I get around to it.